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Natural Stones Benefits and How to Use. 11 Gemstones to Heal.

The 11 most essential gemstones: effect and meaning at a glance

In our article on natural stones benefits, we will discuss the use of natural stones benefits from ancient times and their effects on the human body.

Natural Stones are significant materials in mythology stories from past to present. Natural stones benefits are amazing. It is stated that precious stones were formed under the soil millions of years ago under pressure and heat.

At the same time, natural stones are unprocessed stones that remain under the ground. In this context, natural stones are the oldest building materials that load energy to the environment with their vibrations.

These stones, described as immortal, have a structure that does not lose energy and remains resistant forever. From ancient times to the present, many civilizations believed that the powers of natural stones were a source of healing. It should be noted that this belief continues and that natural stones are a source of healing.

Experts usually say that when you find a suitable stone for you, there is an energy change in the rock and the person himself, and you can feel it. Sometimes the stones that match the date of birth also express the individual’s characteristic features and good luck. The most straightforward natural stone determination method is usually related to your sign in this context.

Natural stones have a structure that positively affects your mental and physical health, energy, and the atmosphere of your home. Because of all the positive aspects of these stones, you can include them in every area of your life and even use them as accessories. Natural stones benefits are too much.

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Natural Stones Benefits

What Are Natural Stones Benefits to Use

When used correctly, precious and natural stones can positively affect your body and mind while helping you connect with your spiritual self. In this context, you can use natural stones together, especially with methods such as meditation and yoga, and increase your energy. Natural stones benefits are healing your energy

Natural stones activate all their energy forces, providing physical contact with the healing energies of the sun, moon, and oceans. At this point, the energy of the precious stone spreads to the whole environment, creating a magnificent atmosphere. Even if you are confused by the fact that there are many options for precious natural stones, you can choose the closest natural stone with your energy. There are many different ways to find out which stones are best for your mind, body, and soul. For example, stones are chosen according to energy and date of birth.

Natural Stones Benefits

How Are Natural Stones Used?

Healing stones, generally used in decoration and accessories, are much more than beautiful home decor. It is necessary to be aware that each stone and crystal has its energy and that this energy creates tremendous effects when it is realized.

The endless energy source that natural stones contain has the power to affect you and your environment profoundly. It should be noted that while some natural stones can help uplift and uplift your mood, others can help soothe and alleviate feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

From the moment precious natural stones enter your home or life, take care to keep them close to your body, touch them, or use them as accessories. Keeping natural stones in your palm while you meditate is a step that will increase your energy. In this way, you can use solid vibrations and better connect with the world and the universe. Natural stones benefits are important.

Natural Stones Benefits

What are the Properties of Natural Stones?

Each of the precious natural stones has its unique feature and energy. In the light of all the information mentioned below, you can determine the natural stones you see closest to you. Natural stone benefits.

• Quartz: Quartz is an essential and valuable stone, defined as a “master healer.” It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates the energy in the environment, bringing it to an even more vital consistency. In this context, it is said to help concentration and memory separately.

• Amethyst: We can say that its general feature is to calm down. The calming effect of amethyst is invaluable in helping to fall asleep after a brisk day. To access the energy of the amethyst stone, you can place it where you fall asleep.

• Citrine: Citrine is described as a highly precious stone that radiates happiness and light.

• Aquamarine: This stone is very beneficial, helping to strengthen the energy of your throat chakra.

• Rose quartz: It is a love-based stone in general. This stone, known as the stone of love, continues to be used to focus and increase the power of love.

• Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye stone provides physical or mental benefits when you need power.

• Moonstone: Moonstone is known to have an inspiring structure. It is said to herald new beginnings, especially by inspiring us to connect with our true nature and emotions.

• Green Calcite: This stone, called a path-opening crystal, will help increase your energy.

• Pink opal: Calming

Thanks to its inner energy, it balances these feelings when you feel nervous and tense. Natural stones of benefits must use to our lifes.

Natural Stones by Month of Birth

Birthstones are unique gemstones that represent your birth month and are unique to your birth month. Natural stones, which have different meanings for individuals born on every date, are also very decisive in personality. It is necessary to know that it is a stone that radiates the energy of all months, from January to December. According to the month of birth, natural stones can be listed as follows; 

Natural stones benefits.

1. January birthstone: “GARNET.”

2. February birthstone: “AMETHYST.”

3. March birthstone: “AQUAMARINE AND BLOODSTONE.”

4. April birthstone: “DIARRANT.”

5. May birthstone: EMERALD

6. June birthstone: “PEARL AND MOONSTONE.”

7. July birthstone: “RUBY.”

8. August birthstone: “PERIDOT.”

9. September birthstone: “SAFIR AND LAPIS LAZULI.”

10. October birthstone: “OPAL AND TOURMALINE.”

11. November birthstone: “CITRINE.”

12. December birthstone: “TURQUAZ AND TANZANITE.”

Many know them as pretty lucky charms. But most gemstones are said to have healing energies. And they work on body and soul. We show you the most important stones for more peace, openness, or clarity.

Gemstones played an important role as early as the ancient Egyptians, Incas, and Greeks, and by no means just as jewelry. Nowadays, healing stones have long been more than dusty artifacts from the esoteric shop. Its effect is valued and used by naturopaths and astrology fans. And even science has now been able to prove the energies of gemstones. And the stones are now also an integral part of my everyday life. They give me strength, security and focus – and much more. Natural stones of benefits to much

Natural Stones Benefits

The 11 most essential gemstones: effect and meaning at a glance

Gemstones come in all shapes and colors, and each has its special effect on the mind and soul. The more experience you gain with healing stones, the more individuals you can select your stones. Here I show you my favorites, which should not be missing in my everyday life. Natural stones benefits.

1. Rose Quartz – the stone of love

It all started with rose quartz – my passion for gemstones. Effect and meaning? Incredibly beautiful because the rose quartz helps open our heart chakra. It helps to open the heart to love, comforts heartache, and positively affects our relationships. Rose quartz is also popular in the beauty industry, as it contributes to a youthful and pure complexion.

2. Amethyst clears the mind

The amethyst cleans the body, head, and soul. It helps to process bad dreams to cure headaches, tension, eye problems, and skin blemishes. I love the amethyst because, at some stages, it inspires the mind and imagination while also clearing negative energies in the room. The amethyst should not be missing from any new moon ritual.

3. Clear Quartz for purity and clarity

It is one of the oldest and most revered healing stones. No wonder: the rock crystal creates clarity and helps to improve self-awareness. If my stomach and head fight again, the rock crystal has a reliable effect on my intuition. It also sharpens eyesight and memory and tightens skin and connective tissue. Place the rock crystal on your forehead for 20 minutes for more concentration. In water, it invigorates the body, so it should always be drunk slowly.

4. Joie de vivre and good sleep thanks to moonstone

Spontaneity and joie de vivre – the beautiful moonstone enhances both. It also imparts a youthful appearance, fights negative energies, and helps eliminate problems falling asleep and staying asleep. As jewelry, mood swings and fears are alleviated. Moonstone water, in turn, strengthens the immune system and digestion.

5. Citrine strengthens the nerves

Brilliant yellow or deep orange – citrine is a must-have for every gemstone enthusiast. Effect and meaning convince me because the citrine makes for solid nerves. If you feel burdened and stressed, you can relax more easily. In addition, the citrine promotes our self-confidence and can positively affect depression, grief, and mental pain. Drink citrine water regularly to strengthen the body.

Because the shiny yellow stone also strengthens the stomach, liver, intestines, and pancreas and has a detoxifying effect.

6. Lapis lazuli keeps you young

The blue lapis lazuli helps have reasonable body control, improves the ability to react, and prevents calcification and deposits in vessels. In addition, the stone helps to be more optimistic and makes it easier to be open to criticism from outside. You should wear lapis lazuli close to your body, such as a pendant on jewelry, or put it in water and then drink it.

7. Boldly into the future with Aventurine

If you can use a little dose of courage and confidence now and then, Aventurine is a great companion. I rely on the green healing stone, especially before exams or when faced with incalculable stress. In addition, the gem reduces nervousness and puts you in a good mood.

8. Amber gives healing energy

Amber has a very special healing effect. Although it is not a natural stone but a fossil resin, it should not be missing from my collection. Even when I was a small child, I wore an amber necklace against toothache, inflammation, and colds, and I still rely on these unique properties today. Amber is most commonly worn as a necklace.

9. Turquoise for life in the here and now

Turquoise is known for warding evil forces and especially staying optimistic during difficult times. If you find it difficult to enjoy the here and now in everyday life, the turquoise can support you to get into reality. It also relieves a sore throat as a pendant on a chain and prevents periodontitis in the form of mouthwash.

10. Agate brings inner balance and stability

Significantly in stormy times, the agate can be a natural rock in the surf. Because if you feel torn, the agate brings inner balance, stability, and confidence for the future. The agate has a cleansing effect on the heart chakra and can help to open our hearts to love.

However, the multi-layer healing stone is not suitable for quick application. However, he is considered one of the stronger among the gems. However, effects must first unfold and take time.

11. Tourmaline for a healthy psyche

Tourmaline comes in different varieties and colors. My favorite is the black tourmaline because it works better than almost any other against negative energies. At the same time, its energy stimulates the mind and psyche and promotes our striving for harmony.

Birthstones: Which gemstone corresponds to your birth month?

Depending on the date of birth, certain gemstones and their effects are assigned to us.

Use Healing Stones: This is how gemstones work.

Gemstones are made up of atoms that are constantly moving, generating energy as they do so. These vibrations act like invisible magnets on our bodies. They release energy blockages and activate your body’s self-healing powers – each stone has its unique effect.

Naturopaths say that the color of the stones also affects you. For example, green stones have a soothing and harmonizing effect on you.

Clean and charge gemstones – Here’s how

Gemstones absorb and store all vibrations. Newly purchased crystals are therefore full of foreign signals. Before using the stone itself, the unwanted information should be erased: hold the stone under cold running water for five minutes, pat dry and let it sit in the sun for a whole day.

Repeat every two weeks – this way, the stone can give off all its positive energy. The healing stones can also be charged in the moonlight. The powers are powerful during the full moon and new moon.

What is the best way to use the gems?

The stones can be placed directly on painful parts of the body, such as the forehead for migraines or the abdomen for stomach pain. Gemstone healing water is also famous. To do this, gemstones are treated with still water, ideally spring water.

If they are round, they can even be used for massages. You can also set them up as pretty decorative objects – the positive energy is then released into the room air. As a talisman, for example, on a chain, you can always carry the little helper.

Which gemstones have a healing effect?

Semi-precious stones, precious stones, and minerals have a powerful effect – the larger the stone, the stronger the effect.

However, to ensure that you find a suitable healing stone for your situation, you should inform yourself beforehand because a special stone effect is not the same as a precious stone effect. As you can already see from my favorites, each stone is special and helps in various situations.

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