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Put Onion Next to Your Bed

Sleeping With an Cutting Onion

It has been used as a treatment method in Traditional China for centuries. Onion is a very healthy vegetable; we use it in almost all of our meals. Onion is a prevalent food in the kitchen; the onion has been used for centuries to make different home remedies. Onion also has a substantial natural antibiotic effect and a natural pain relief effect. Everyone knows the strong smell of onions. The reason for this is the propanediol (sulfur) substance contained in it.

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Put Onion Next to Your Bed

Sleeping with an onion next to bed at night, when you have congestion and a productive cough, is one of the grandmother’s home remedies that most generates curiosity in people. Some have tried it, and others may feel so puzzled that they have not considered doing it even when they are curious.

However, the remedy manages to stay current. Now, why is an onion used and not another food? How is it used? Can it provide any health benefits? Let’s look at it in more detail below.

Flu, cold, etc. Divide the onion into four and put it in your bedroom. Onions can help absorb germs in your room. In addition, the natural scent of onion can relax your breathing. The world health organization acknowledged the beneficial effect of onion on the respiratory tract. It is said to reduce cough and reduce bodily pain.

If you finely chop the onion and put it on the sole of your feet, you may experience relief and a decrease in it if you have a fever. Consume the onion without cooking as you use it in your meals.

It can also help reduce chest congestion by placing it on your chest. For this, put the chopped onion in steam for a minute or two and then put it in a cloth and cover it. Make sure there is no leak. Apply when it is at the temperature that can be applied to the chest or painful area.

Put Onion Next to Your Bed
Put Onion Next to Your Bed

Is it true that onion helps calm a cough?

Many of us started crying from the moment we started cutting the onion. Onion is due to the powerful steam that this vegetable emits when we cut it. And, in theory, it is these vapors that would help to stop the cough.
Thus, the naturally applied remedy consists of cutting an onion into quarters and leaving it on a plate next to the bed. In this way, if the little one suffers a coughing attack in the middle of the night, when he breathes the fumes given off by the onion, he will calm down.

It is a safe remedy for children and babies mainly because it does not involve the consumption of onion by the smallest of the house.

But the reality is very different from what you probably think: there is no type of scientific evidence or study that has been able to show that breathing the onion and its vapors may relieve cough.

Among other things, because scientifically, it is not possible that an onion, placed in a room, can calm the cough and even eliminate all the germs that are causing the viral infection.

Onion and the relief of some discomforts

When we cut an onion into small pieces and place it close to us, it helps keep the air moist, contributing to expectoration and relief of symptoms. It is proven that this food is bactericidal and can also help to thin the mucus. Therefore, as long as we tolerate the smell, we can place a plate of freshly minced onion in the room.

Of course, the onion alone will not cure the infection. It should always be used as a complementary method to obtain relief, never as a treatment as such.
Additionally, instead of directly resorting to a cough suppressant, the most appropriate thing is to look for methods that help to thin and expel mucus, such as vapors. In this way, it helps to clear the airways, and relief is obtained.
In addition to following the doctor’s instructions, when you have a productive cough, it is best to eat a balanced diet, consume plenty of water, maintain a specific humidity in the environment where you are, and expel everything accumulated respiratory tract.

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