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Spiritual Words For Money & 50 Attract Money Affirmations

Spiritual Words For Money

Spiritual words for money, attract to money affirmations, but how to? Spiritualism is unscientific. But many scientists have studied it. Spiritualism has explained the laws of the universe. 

Spiritual people attract potent energies for the rest of their lives. Apply these 50 spiritual words for money and affirmations to attract money energy.

What can I say to attract money? Say these words to attract money. How do you spiritually attract money? These sentences are spiritual words and will help you attract money.

Spiritul words for money

Spiritual words for money and attract money energy.

1- I am energy.

2- I love money

3- I accept money energy

4- I’m at peace with money

5- I’m attracting the money right now.

6- I am peaceful

7- I’m calm

8- I know the meaning of money

9- I know the peace of money

10- I see the happiness of money

11- I see the energy of money

12- I am clearing the negative energies of money.

13- I concentrate on spiritual energy

14- I focus on the universe and its energy

15- I focus on God and power. 

16- I focus on the ancient and great souls and their benevolent energies.

17- I focus my guardian angel

18- I am pleased with my life

19- I am glad for my soul

20- I am pleased with my body

21- I am pleased with my life

22- I am happy

23- I’m full of gratitude

24- I’m singing the money like a song

25- Money always finds me

26- I always pray the right way for money

27- I’m taking the proper steps for the money

28- Money is ancient energy, and I’m putting it in my matrix.

29- I make peace with money energy

30- I earn money very easily

31- Money flows to me easily

32- Every day I’m attracting more and more money

33- I have a positive mindset towards money

34- Financial success is mine, and I accept it right now

35- I attract money naturally

36- The more I enjoy life, the more money I make.

37- I have the power to attract money

38- I focus my spiritual energy on money

39- I’m removing my limits on money

40- I’m changing the money matrix. Money flows to me

41- There is more than enough money for everyone

42- I raise energy with rituals of money

43- I’m above all money laws

44- My bank account is constantly growing

45- Money is an integral part of my life, and it is never far from me.

46- I have more than I need

47- I am patient

48- It is my turn

49- I’m a millionaire

50- I invoke the energy of money in the light of spiritual rules.

Spiritual Ways to Make Money

In the spiritual world, money is energy, and money has power. Like all other wind, fire, and water forces, money is also subject to specific universal laws and principles. As soon as we understand these laws and direct our thoughts and actions accordingly, we open the doors of money, wealth, and prosperity for us and in abundance.

Most of us have been made victorious with the importance of hard work, intelligence, education, and other suitable factors in making money and making it successful. But from experience, we can say that certain other factors also play a very important role in determining the amount of money we will have – no matter how good the investment, financial planning, or wealth management.

You can also put them in the same category as the law of attraction or the principles given in the mystery. When these avenues of making money are followed, they tend to instantly attract money from the Infinite Source, defying our ordinary understanding of cause and effect. It’s about what is logically and rationally possible. Such excellent and abundant results are indications of the miraculous phenomenon of “manifestation” at work.


This is the primary spiritual law of money and wealth. When you are grateful to the universe for what the universe has already given you, it happily responds by giving yourself more. Gratitude is a great way to win money spiritually. Be grateful for the money, wealth, and sources of cash with which you are connected. Be in the attitude of gratitude every day, every moment, and for all that you have!

Set your intention, focus, and pay attention

It’s a combination of a three-step process. First, set your intention about the amount of money you will need or the specific item you need. Send your choice to the universe by talking to God. Next, you should focus on that particular thing or amount of money.

Let the magic of manifestation begin in your life

The secret is that if you focus on money or some other object, then you will start to gain money manifesting that object. Be careful; the intent is everything when it comes to manifestation. If you focus on something negative, you will attract that negatively. 

The simple idea of ​​being surrounded by people who correspond to our affection, who share the same dreams, interests, complete trust and respect, and a constructive relationship, is something that we desire in many moments of our life. Can we always be surrounded by positive people?

How do you spiritually attract money?

Here is a plan of seven essential points that will help us to strengthen our connection with money:

1- Always think abundantly, look around you, and you will only see an abundance of everything

2- Every time you spend money, be sure that it will come back multiplied

3- Bless the money you give and the money you receive; everything that is blessed is multiplied

4- Do not despair because despair closes the path of abundance

5- Trust entirely in God and his angels, give him your accounts, and you will see miracles of prosperity

6- Do your work with love and service, and you will see how everything is enlarged in a spectacular way

7- Always think good and positive things about money.

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