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Tell These 7 Words to Water Before Drinking

It is possible to influence the water crystals with beautiful words. Say these 7 healing words into the water. You can heal the water. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research shows that the water is influenced by the good and bad words.
You’ll see the effect.

The First Word You Should Say

I love you. It is a strong sentence. Send the energy of love to the water and connect it to the source. Because love depends on high energy and resources.

The Second Word You Should Say

I’m healthy. The second word that we will say to water is the word of health.

Healing. That’s the third word you have to tell the water. Send healing crystals to the body.

I’m happy. One of the most valuable words you will tell the water will reveal the crystals of energy and beauty in this water.

Thank God. Thank goodness is a great energy and beauty. Thank God you have to load the crystals.

I’m at ease. This message that you send to water will create a great feeling in your body.

Thank you. This message of satisfaction that you send to the water will create a great energy and make you feel happy.

Load these wonderful sentences into a glass of water every day. You won’t believe the change in yourself.

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