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Glass With Water and Salt Under The Bed | Eliminate The Evil Eye

The most straightforward ritual to eliminate the evil eye.

Glass with water and salt under the bed: The most straightforward ritual to eliminate the evil eye. Water and salt are two potent spiritual elements. The glass of water under the bed is a prevalent ritual.

Glass With Water and Salt Under The Bed

One of the most simple rituals to eliminate the evil eye, the curse transmitted voluntarily or involuntarily with the look, is to place a glass of water and salt under the bed. This spell has been passed down for generations, and in addition to counteracting negative energies, it promotes sleep.

It is a ritual that helps eliminate heavy loads, bad vibes, and fatigue due to the two powerful elements it uses: water and salt.

Water is the vital liquid for the survival of living beings; in fact, our body comprises more than 70% water and can capture or eliminate negative energies. For its part, salt is a component widely used to block and heal bad energy; when both elements are combined, they absorb all the bad vibes in the room, according to We Mystic experts.

It is a simple yet powerful spell that effectively gets a good night’s sleep, warding off the evil eye and eliminating negativity. It can be placed in anyone’s room, even babies.

The way of preparation is quite simple. Fill a glass with purified water and add three tablespoons of coarse or Himalayan salt; mix with your index finger until it dissolves, and then leave the glass under the bed.

It must remain there throughout the night and the following day, flush the water into the toilet, then wash the glass well, which you can use again to repeat the ritual as many times as you consider necessary.

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