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Rehabilitate Child Inside of you, don’t kill him

The events we experience in our childhood take shape as a growing tree takes shape in our advanced age. There is a child inside us. We need his perspective and your happiness.
If we had an unhappy childhood, the child in us would disappear at an early age. In times of depression, we lose the child inside us. But no matter how much we kill and destroy him, he is hiding somewhere.

How can we rehabilitate the Child in Us?

First of all, if there are traumatic memories of childhood, a specialist doctor (psychiatry) should be seen. Especially if the traumas we’re experiencing badly affect our standard of life …

We can also recommend the following.

The child in us is linked to our fears. We must face our fears and defeat them. We need to look at life braver and stronger.

If we have children, we can spend a lot of time with them and provide them with a very nice energetic environment. Remember the beautiful memories of childhood. Meet your childhood friends and refresh your memories.

When you are a child, leave the bad conditions with love. Focus on the energy of love. Forgive the bad events for your own good. Even if this is a very difficult process, we know you will succeed.

Listen to child inside of you. Listen to her prank and fun ideas. Raise your imagination.

The child inside of you is definitely in your subconscious. He usually comes out from there and he tells you the beautiful aspects of life … by affirmating him.
I am unconscious in my subconscious, improving my childhood memories and releasing them peacefully.
My childhood was happy and beautiful. I’m a happy individual.

Even if your are at 70 years old or 20 years old. Listen to him, show him your compassion and be with him. The chilldren are the creatures who discover happiness in the world.

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