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Being Strong Against Life with 7 Steps

How to be strong in life

You’re stronger than you think you should realize. We usually ask these questions in our lives. “How could she do this to me?” “Why this happened to me”. “I’m not responsible for that.” We all have encountered these questions and asked ourselves. One of the most important steps in being strong against life is hidden beyond these questions.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

Standing Strong against Life

Step 7 You can do this.

1- Apply awareness to your feelings.
It’s not hard to do that, for example, when you get angry, your ego is not there. Your anger is all over your mind. When you get angry, be aware of the emotion by making awareness and you will see that your sensation will disappear. In the same way you must have control over other emotions.

2- You must achieve patience.
Most of us represent patience wrong. Patience doesn’t mean give up. In fact, the right time is to wait. Patience is a great intelligence and talent work. The person in patience makes the right move at the right time and beats the enemy.

3- You must learn not to worry
I guess if I wanted a skill in life, I’d say it first. It is a great skill and control mechanism not to worry too much.

4- You should focus on the positivism.
Focusing on the bad aspect of something is the nature of our natural brain structure. We start our life as a pessimist. The subconscious takes care of negative situations and errors. But to see the positive aspects are the general feature of the person who has this difficult life. For example, most of the survivors of Nazi camps were those who focused on good points.

5 Not to Remember you are % 100 Responsible
When you say I’m not that guilty at that moment you are entering to loosing position. We have responsibility for everything in our lives. When you accept this, you will have a stronger stance.

6 – To get out of the role of the victim
We all live a little with this role. It’s the role that life has treated us badly. We can open our hands and say, “what can I do?” Here we cannot show a strong stance from this role.

7- Fully Self-Confidence
When you trust yourself, there will three great events. Things start to work out. You’re counted by people. Your respect for yourself is increased. Trust yourself. Remember, you can always be on your own in difficult situations …

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