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All or Nothing and Black or White Thinking

Most of the time we live in our lives, all or nothing. Often, we can decide on a subject by saying black or white. This is the biggest misconception we’ve ever done … Generally, because we are afraid of the world, it is more accurate to perceive the events in this way.

Our lives are either correct or wrong, making the problems bigger. This way of thinking is basically about our perfectionist aspect. It must be perfect or not at all

It’s not like that. Nothing is exactly perfect. Some mistakes and imperfections exist in life. Don’t think black and white for him. Be aware of the grays. Recognize other shades of life. Do not focus on precise or false errors. The only thing that is certain is that we are in life.

If you are falling into a perfect situation you can create depression yourself. This is about black and white thinking.

When I lose something, I fail, and if I think of nothing, it comes from a distorted idea. From all or nothing.

5 Ways to Stop Thinking in Black and White

1- Download your defense and agree to make a mistake.
One of my friends would say, “I never make mistakes.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man making a mistake. Remove the labels you have pasted on yourself. We can all make mistakes. Our decisions may seem wrong now, but it may be wrong. Accept your mistakes.

2- Stop generalizing.
When you happen to happen to an event, you think you will multiply in other cases. For example, there was a negative business development. Don’t do that, my work life is always bad. This is a generalization and it is a terrible act.

3- Look at the events from a wide perspective.
We do this in black and white thinking. We just look at things from the angle we want to see. When we do this, we will be captured by all or no thought. So, your should learn to evaluate things for others perspectives.

4- Note that one problem can be solved in more than one way.
An event has no single result. Just as there is no single solution to a problem. Don’t expect a single result when evaluating events. Either yes or no is not the world. For this reason, you don’t have to trouble yourself with a single point in your problems.

5- Learn to be open to all these possibilities.
Life is not a math problem. There are many possible consequences in one incident. These are the grays between black and white. Know that the exact results will have other possible consequences.

Life is not black and white. People aren’t good or bad. There are many colors. Stop saying all or nothing in life. You’ll see everything will be more beautiful.

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