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Best Apologetic Methods

The most important thing to do when we’re wrong is to apologize to the other person. If we’ve broken him, what’s most likely to lighten this wound is apology. But sometimes apology is not enough. There are things to be said and done together with apology.

“If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.  Henny Youngman “

1- When you say “I’m sorry” you need to say this with heart. An apology will not be of benefit. It is very important that you accept your mistake before you apologize. If you don’t think you’re wrong, apology doesn’t really help. Please accept the mistake of the incident before you apologize for her.

2-Use the I language. In short, do not apologize by accusing other party Don’t say ” I did it as you did it before.” “I apologize to you. Please forgive me. I’m wrong” If you use I language like that, opposide side’s guard will be down and will forgive you easily.

3- When you say “I’m sorry”, you can get him a small gift. This gift may not be material and can be spiritual. You may have your apology message on it like a flower or a dessert you like.

4- Your apology may not be accepted at a time. At that moment, you don’t get angry and get accusatory. Give him/her some time and try again.

5- When you apologize, think about your mistake and explain why you made such a mistake. Accept your wrongs and specify that they will not be repeated. Say your words by beliveing yourself

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