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If You Were Died Yesterday?

If you were dead yesterday and you were given a second chance. Think about it, you should think about death a long time. It’s a frightening and annoying thought, but it’s going to happen to all of us.

You must do this confrontation once in your life. If you were dead yesterday and you came back with a second chance. Could you be the same person?

Think about what you’re obsessed with, really … Would you find it worthwhile for worrying?

How many thoughts would be valid for you? Would you postpone your decisions and your dreams?

In fact, everything would be very different. Your relationships with your family strengthened. Because they’re the ones you’re leaving when death comes.

Do this confrontation with death. Think about it right now…

You will feel that life is a wonderful gift for us. You will realize that you must live with it

You will forgive your past and even ignore. You ask why? Because you will realize that the most beautiful moment is in your moment.

Think about it before death comes.

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