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What are Chakra Opening Methods?

Chakras are energy points where the energy flowing in our body is collected. They are constantly active. In short, the chakras never stop. They may become clogged in certain situations. The act of opening the chakra is an act of our emotions. You will find Chakra Opening Methods in this article

There are 7 chakra points in our bodies. We can think of them as energy lakes. Our energy points are blocked in the complexity and intensity of life.
What good is the opening of the chakras?
We experience a sense of trust.
We feel stronger about life.
Our six sense works better.
Our empathy increases.
Our awareness increases.
We feel healthier.
We’ll be happier.

You might think that opening a chakra means solving a lot of problems at once.

Why do the chakras close?

Unfortunately, the traumas that we experience emotionally block the chakras. This is beyond what we may notice. Unfortunately, we cannot realize that we need to improve that emotional state. The clogged chakra also affects other chakras, and our energy is often blocked.
Methods of opening chakras. (How to Clean Chakras)
Soil Chakra (root chakra): This chakra in the coccyx is also referred to as the survival chakra. Commitment to life and instinct for life depend on the energy of this chakra.

Our fears clog the chakra. This chakra is particularly intense when we lose a family member. To open the chakra, we must face our fears and accept them.

Because life continues with the life and death cycle.

Water Chakra (Svadhishthana) (Sacral Chakra): Located at the point of sexual organs and adrenal glands. This chakra is about our sense of pleasure. The exact location is under our stomach.

Our guilt sense closes the chakra. To open it, you have to forgive the events you have experienced, especially yourself.

Fire Chakra (Manipura) (Solar Plexus): Located in the stomach. It represents the power of will. Self-esteem domination is about this chakra of managerial.

This Chakra closes greed and shame. The frustrations you experience will clog this chakra. Increase your self-esteem and remember that the best way to gain experience is to try. Accept your shame and incorporate them into your life as an experience.

Love Chakra (Anahata) (Heart Chakra): Located in the heart. It depends on love and beauty. Love, compassion, peace are the characteristics of this chakra.

This chakra closes grief and hatred. Accept your grief and face it. Defeat the sense of hatred and don’t surrender to it. Love is a very powerful form of energy. Turn your grief into love.

Sound Chakra (Vishuddha) (Throat Chakra): Located in the throat. It’s about facts. The chakra of truth.

Lies cover this chakra. Especially the lies we tell ourselves close. To open it, we must be honest with ourselves and realize our self.

Third Eye (Ajna) (Forehead Chakra): located on the forehead. It is an energy chakra about mind and intuition. It’s about understanding.

Mental illusions close the chakra. It is a mistake to think that everything is different and separate. Our prejudices close this chakra. The truth is that our energy is one and connected to all things. Nothing is separate from each other.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) (Thought Chakra): It is said to be the chakra governing the whole body. on top of our heads. The crown is called the chakra. It is connected with cosmic energy.

The state of emotion that closes the chakra is worldly desires and exquisite. We must think and leave what connects us to the energy of this world and keeps it away from cosmic energy.

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