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We Are All Connected Eachother

We thought we were alone all our lives. We were alone; our inner world was unknown. But things have changed in the last 50 years. Many scientists have presented this view forward. We’re all connected. The known time was discovered exactly 14 billion years ago. Of course we know the universe is old but this is proved time. Over 100 billion people lived and died all over the world. It is known that it appears to be 100 billion stars but there’s much more.

“We were all made of star dust. We are a way of being aware of the cosmos itself.” Carl Sagan

“You’re supposed to be a small object, but the biggest realm is in you.” Hz Ali

“Don’t think yourself as a drop in the ocean. You’re a big ocean in a drop.” Rumi

We are all connected each other. This is called Collective Unconscious. So what is this collective subconscious?

What is collective subconscious?

Carl Gustav Jung, a specialist in psychiatry, is the first to say this term. He says. “How can he drink milk as soon as a baby is born” or “We fear the serpent even if we don’t see it? These are the things to consider. It says that there are main patterns in people’s minds. We call these archetypes. Like love, hate, fear, happiness….

The main way to reach the collective subconscious is dreams. You can give some answers when you follow your dreams carefully.

Empathy and Telepathy can be examples.
You can feel the feelings of person you love. We can call it as Empathy. Sometimes you go beyond the feeling and think the same things at the same time. The concept of telepathy comes out here.

Bees and Ants

The communication systems of these living creatures are really different. Living in this colony can communicate with each other very quickly. They can feel a great danger immediately.

You’ve heard of the whole universe of interconnected quantum. We can call it science that examines atoms. We don’t want talk about theories too much of course.

According to quantum physics, atoms are interconnected. The atom is composed of energy. We are all energy. The whole universe is as well.

“In a molecule of human DNA, there are about 100 billion twists and about 100 billion atoms. This equals the average number of stars in a galaxy” Carl Sagan

So if everything is interconnected, why there is a complexity?

This is something about our consciousness, something related to our division and separation. The truth is that everything comes from a point. The formation of the universe Bing bang theory when the human reaches this perception, this chaos disappears. Maulana says: Come again no matter what you do. This is about reaching that understanding.

We’re all connected as Energy as Chemical and as Biologically. Our mind has a vast unknown. Like the universe, we have solved only a few of the mysteries of our brains. This takes us to one place, what do we really know?

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