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What is Concentration? How to Improve?

Concentration is to direct one’s attention to one thing. The mind is the ability to focus on a subject, object or thought. It is also able to move away from anything other than focused.

A person who is concentrated, he focuses on a single event. It separates your mind from everything else. All the energy of the mind is spent for that event. Studying 10 minutes as concentrated is more useful than studying 1 hour without careness..

How to Improve Concentration?

1- Gradually increase your concentration. Start by holding for 10 minutes. Increase the duration.

2- Find out and list the events that distract you.

3- Increase your will. The more you judge your own mind, the higher your concentration.

4- Meditate. >>> Easy Meditation

5- Focus on the present. (With awareness)

6- Perform physical exercises.

7- Read the books more carefully and slowly.

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