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Conversation Between Wise and Unhappy Man

Life teaches us so much. As long as we are open to knowledge and understanding. Information is the most important source that will add value to our lives. We’re gonna give you a short talk. I hope life will shed light on your way.
Unhappy Man – I have a problem.

Wise – I’m listening.

U.M. – I am unhappy and I do not know why I am unhappy?

W. – Don’t you know or don’t understand?

U.M – What is the difference between?

W. – If you don’t know, you can learn, but if you don’t understand, you don’t see it.

U.M. – I don’t understand then.

W. – What do you want? Do you know what you want from this life?

U.M- I want a bigger house.

W. – Then

U.M. – high salary business

W. – Then

U.M. – A beautiful wife

W. – Then

U.M- (man sorts all his wishes one by one)

W. – Done?

U.M – Yes

W. – Now I ask again. What do you want from this life?


W. – He says that the satisfaction of our desires brings us nothing. We believe that everything will reach a happy ending when we reach our wishes. But it actually only takes you to nothing. Being happy is not about desires. Desires are a distraction tactic of the ego. It’s an illusion not to show you the truth.

U.M- Which truth?

W.- You should stop look for a reason to be happy. Happiness will appear at that moment. You can be happy and peaceful at any moment. When you understand the truth, when you disrupt the ego’s illusion, you will only be left with happiness and peace.

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