5 Popular Traps of your Subconscious that Enslave You On Popular Culture

Traps of Subconscious Mind

People can now reach each other just with a touch. Most of us economic situation is above the avarege . But we can still experience severe contradictions and depression. Before we understand ourselves, we spend a lot of time understanding other things.

You see the lives of others. Social media has started to become a permanent exhibition place. We are able to present what we buy, what we eat and our best moments to the other people liking. So how do we share the photos and stories without hesitation that we have shown them to our friends shyly 10 years ago?

5 Popular Traps That Captured You

#Stay away from labels. Discover yourself…

Your subconscious mind is managing you over popularity. We all want to be admired and appreciated. But not like ourselves; we share things that are not internal. We often feel compelled to do things that reflect our popularity, not our ideas.

Try not to follow popular discourses

Popular discourses spreading on social media do not actually benefit us. Follow sites and suggestions that will improve you instead of popular discourses. Personal development starts with learning about the information that will complement itself.

Not on the phone; Take a nice time to yourself.

How little we care for ourselves and we feel dependent on the phone. The smartphone has a very harmful effect on us as well as useful. It is in your hands to prevent it. Do not take your smartphone while going for a walk. Just lie down for an hour and listen to yourself. Peace will find you.

Find the Meaning of your life.

Listen to your heart and listen to what it says to you. If you have an idea, take a look at the changes in your life to realize it.

Follow the Guide for Higher Consciousness.

“A person who reads just one book thinks that he knows everything. When he reads  the second book he has a suspicion. Reading the third book he realizes that he knows nothing. ”Frederick Pollock

Dedicate yourself to improvement and development. Popular culture is now addressing our youth through being a phenomenon. Twenty years ago, pop singers and footballers were popular. Follow your heart and soul, not popularitiy.

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