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Dreaming about the Future, but How?

This is a dream work. A lot of people wonder about their future. In religions, Prophet joseph had been interpreting the dreams by the gift given by God.. In many ancient societies, the dream was seen and valued as an important prophecy. We need to make certain steps to dream about the future.
Dreams of the future have a very guiding prediction from precisely a future prediction. These dreams can be seen to reach higher conscious of events occurring in our subconscious. When we reach high consciousness, the events that we cannot perceive are more clearly perceived.

First step
The body and soul must be peaceful and serene. For this, you need to meditate and listen to music that will calm down before you go to sleep.

Second step.
Think of subject you want see in your dream for a minute before going to bed. Visualise it on your eyes

Third Step.
Take a warm shower before going to sleep and then send positive energy to your entire aura to clean up your energy. Feel that there is an energy shield around you and that it is loaded with positive energy.

Fourth Step.
The experience of remembering dreams is really exhausting and compelling. You must be conditioned before sleeping. You have to repeat to wake up by yourself when you have a realistic dream. Write your dreams by keeping the diary after you accomplish this step.

Dreams carry symbolic signs of the subconscious. In the quantum world, it is accepted in the theory that there are particles that go faster than the speed of light and can go to the past and the future. With the collective subconscious, this theory can tell you that the future isn’t that hidden.

Remember that it is very important how much your mind is open to see such dreams.

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