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Effects of Emotions on Organs

Effects of Emotions on organs were discovered in traditional Chinese medicine 5000 years ago. Psychology and emotions affect each other according to Chinese medicine. Certain emotions affect five major organs. It is linked to certain double organs and emotions. The heart and small intestine are associated with joy, the spleen and abdomen are associated with excessive thinking or simplicity, the lungs and large intestine are associated with grief and fear of kidney and bladder. Please consult a specialist if you have any problems.

The Effect of Emotions on Organs

Joy is a deep sense of satisfaction and depends on the heart, according to traditional Chinese medicine. When a person feels excessive joy, he may experience agitation, insomnia, fever and heart palpitations.

Anger is an emotion associated with anger and irritability. Chinese medicine claims that this feeling is stored in the liver and gallbladder, which produces and stores bile, respectively. This anger can affect many biological processes that cause headache, dizziness and high blood pressure.

Anxiety is a sense of extreme concern that may affect the lungs and large intestine, according to Chinese Medicine. Anxiety can cause a person to be unable to use energy and suffer from shortness of breath and inflammation of the large intestine.

Sorrow is a feeling that can prevent a person from crying, creating incompatibilities in the lungs, and the circulation of energy into the body. Living in grief can lead to diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, says Chinese Medicine.

According to Chinese medicine, being very emotional can affect the spleen and cause fatigue and concentration. It can also disturb the digestive system.

Fear is a feeling that causes incompatibility in the kidneys and causes it to involuntarily urinate. Excessive fear can disturb the kidneys. Which organs affect stress? Stress is a very intense feeling. It weakens the heart and brain. This feeling is the most damaging emotion to our body and psychology. You can look at this to overcome daily stress.

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