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Use the Energy of the Heart with 5 Steps

The heart radiates 1000 times more energy than the brain. When we are sad, we feel this in our hearts. We can have a heart attack in a big bad happen. The heart is like our second brain. There is a deep connection between our emotions and the heart. One thing we want with our hearts is more real. We feel love and beauty in our hearts.

Use the energy that the heart emits.

1- Be Gentle and kind.
Broadcast a positive energy to your environment. This will reveal the beauty and energy in your heart.

2- Feel the Love.
Many people live with negative thinking. But we need to feel the energy of love and connect to the source.

3- Forgive
What links the heart’s energy most are past links. If you have what happened in the past, forgive for your own sake and continue on your way.

4- Make Affirmation.
Tell affirmations about health and peace every day. >>> Tell Them

5- Feel your heart.
A wish that you wish from the heart may change your life. Activate your heart’s energy when praying or affirming. Say the words in your heart. You will see the difference.

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