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Why I Attract the Things that I do not want to My Life?

If you ask yourself this question many times, you have a strong spiritual power. But you’re misleading your energy. When most of us face the challenges of life, we ask ourselves where we are doing wrong. But we’re not actually doing it wrong.

But How Do I Attract Things I Don’t Want?

1- A place where our spirit of life will develop. That’s why we need to learn what we need to learn. Our experiences will benefit us in the future.

2 – Our fears and concerns control us. That’s the second biggest reason. Our fears make us concentrate on things we don’t want. This causes us to spread that energy into the environment.

3- We are accustomed to negative thinking. This is due to the negative structure of thought that is dominant in our lives. The situation of despair that has been brought to us by our family and our environment. I suggest that you make affirmations a lot to defat it.

4- Finally, the point of view is of course. We interpret things very early and comes to conclusion quickly. Unfortunately, this pessimism in our point of view causes to see 100 bad events in one thing.

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