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How can you tell if person is lying?

Psychologists have discovered that the other person can be understood by four basic findings. The person who performs these 4 actions lying with a big percentage. People are under greater pressure while lying. Only those found in sociopathic personality do not feel any pressure on lies.

Understanding the lie and the liar

1- He often speaks of himself when he is lying. They usually use singular third person while lying. In doing so he takes himself away from the center of the lie and usually uses his friends.

2 – Liar is in a negative mood. Because he feels guilty in his subconscious. This situation affects the expression and body language. They can tell the lie angry and negative

3- He edit the events simply. A lie may not be too complicated and this is usually due to the person finding a quick solution. A fictional lie can be very simple.

4- Simply edited lie will be explained with complex sentences . In short, he chooses pseudo-convoluted sentences and mixed words. Unnecessary details and sentences elicit the liar.

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