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What is Affirmation?

500 strong and subconscious affirmation sentences that will change your energy. You should include these affirmation sentences in your life. Remember the affirmations are strong enough to change our lives.

What is Affirmation?

It is a method of repeating positive sentences. Every time we repeat positive sentences, we strengthen that neuron sequence. In this way, positive records are entered into the subconscious. The more we repeat the affirmation sentences and make it a habit, the more we can change our lives.

Affirmation sentences are planned to affect the subconscious. It uses the current time and is set to be positive.

Affirmation phrases are not magic. I mean, it doesn’t work at once. But as you use it will have a strong impact on your life.

How is Affirmation performed?

You should minimize your stress and tension while affirming. For this you can practice a breathing exercise. It may be useful to apply affirmations before bedtime and in the morning.

You can create the affirmation sentences yourself, here is to stay away from negative sentences and meanings. “I’ll quit smoking” sentences such as “I quit smoking with health and peace” are more useful. Now we’re using time. It should be in the form of “I am doing ” and not ” I will do”.

Benefits of Affirmation

• Motivates you
• Help to focus your mind
• They can open up new possibilities for you.
• They can help you change your way of thinking
• Explain the potential of your life
• Applicable for any aspect of your life
• Repeated positive sentences can eliminate suspicion and distrust.
• They help with positive thinking.
• They can help clear negative records entering the subconscious.
• They can help change negative habits.

500 Affirmative Sentences That Will Change Your Life
20 Self-esteem and Confidence Recognition

1- Everything is in order. I’m confident

2- I am a winning person

3- I do my job best

4- My social skills are very high

5- I’m more successful than everyone else.

6- I trust my abilities

7- Happiness gives me peace and comfort.

8- I trust myself in front of others.

9- I am strong

10- I am successful

11- I inspire others

12- I am not afraid of energy. I’m energized

13- I choose what I want to be.

14- I decide my life.

15- Brave enough to overcome the difficulties.

16- I am enough and more.

17- I am strong enough to change my cross.

18- I get stronger every day.

19- I have a happy and peaceful personality.

20- I love my energy and spread it around.

10 Affirmative Sentences That You Should Say When Self-Doubt

1- Success is my driving force.

2- I speak confidently.

3- I’m the only one who can beat me.

4- I take action and I succeed.

5- People trust me.

6- I trust my abilities.

7- I dare to be different.

8- I am able to reach every desire.

9- The confidence that I feel for myself is at the highest point.

10- I am strong, confident and capable of reaching my goals.

Affirmative Sentences That Should Be Said In the Morning

35 pcs Morning Affirmations

1- I am happy

2- I am safe

3- I deserve a beautiful day.

4- I am strong

5- I love myself

6- Today, I am achieving success

7- I am grateful for today

8- Today, happiness and peace day

9- Today I become a better person.

10- I become more kind today.

11- I forgive the past

12- I am spreading the energy of love

13- I defeat every challenge I face today.

14 Today I know that I may conceive great things.

15- I’m smart enough to make the right choice

16- I am sure of myself

17- I deserve my place in this world

18- I am talented

19- I face my fears and I win.

20- I learn from my mistakes.

21- I am proud of my achievements.

22- I can do anything I want to do

23- My heart is open to love and joy

24- I win today

25- I’m embracing the new day

26- Today I am doing my best

27- I have everything to be happy and healthy

28- I appreciate the people I loved today

29- Today I learn and become stronger

30- Today is full of wonderful possibilities

31- I am full of energy today

32- Today I am only attracting good things.

33- I am free to be myself today

34- Today is my being star day

35- I am open to all opportunities sent today

10 Affection Expressions

1- A feeling of happiness in the environment of happiness.

2- I love myself.

3- I love my life and the beauties that come to me.

4- I am attracting the energy of love.

5- I feed on love, not fear.

6- I choose positive emotions.

7- I love all humanity.

8- I love the whole world and nature.

9- I draw all the beautiful and positive energies.

10- I believe in myself.

10 Self-Affection Affirmation Sentences

1- I am a precious diamond.

2- I am a peaceful and friendly person.

3- I love and respect my own body.

4- My thoughts are correct and good

5- I’m loaded with positive energy.

6- When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel very happy and feel as flying.

7- I am attracting a sense of love.

8- My thoughts and ideas are very valuable

9- I am loved and respected.

10- I accept myself unconditionally.

10 Affirmation Sentences for Your Body

1- I love my body in and out

2- I deserve rest and relaxation.

3- My body is reflected in health and beauty.

4- My body is not just a matter, it is a spiritual power

5- I fully accept and love my body.

6- My cells, organs, bones and all other body parts are in perfect harmony

7- My body has excellent healing power

8- My body can heal itself quickly.

9- I allow my body to heal and flourish.

10- I respect my body and meet my needs.

10 Affirmation Sentences of Your Mind

1- I love my mind. My thoughts are peaceful

2- I know what I’m doing. Everything is OK.

3- I put the positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts.

4- I ask my mind when I need help.

5- My mind is healthy and functioning properly.

6- I think positive and manage my feelings with peace.

7- I am smart and intelligent

8- I have a lovely and happy mind.

9- My mind is very good at success.

10- I’m overcoming difficult questions.

10 Affirmation Sentences for Spiritual Development

1- I am on the right and peaceful road.

2- I discover my goal that will add meaning to my life.

3- Life guides me when I need it.

4- I am in harmony with the universe.

5- I am a spiritual being who has being completed myself

6- Life guides me.

7- I find the right flow, and I leave myself.

8- When I put my hand on my heart, my soul grows stronger.

9- I have a wonderful connection with nature.

10- I accept loving spiritual guidance.

10 pcs Target Determination and Concentration Affirmation Sentences

1- I am an actor. I’m acting and I’m successful.

2- I find things to do to be charming.

3- I really care about my work today.

4- I am careful and efficient all day long.

5- I concentrate on my request and concentrate.

6-I’m leaving negatives. Instead, I focus on positivity and productivity!

7- I see the net and my energy is rising.

8- I commit to focus on my goal. I’m worth it.

9- I concentrate all my efforts on what I want to achieve in life.

10- I am working to switch to flow.

15 pcs Affirmative Sentences for Reaching Goals

1- I make my plans to reach my goals.

2- My priorities are clear. First I’m trying to finish my most important tasks.

3- My focus on success is the most important thing that won’t change.

4- Today, I am making magic.

5- I create the life of my dreams.

6- I am focused, I insist, and I will never give up.

7- I am fully responsible for my own life.

8- What I am thinking, I succeed.

9- I am not a product of my situation. I’m a product of my decisions.

10- My energy creates my reality.

11- I devote myself to living in harmony with my purpose.

12- I love the life I created and the opportunities flow to me easily.

13- My intuition is optimizing me.

14- I always follow the path of my heart.

15- I learn to listen to the sound of my heart.

50 pcs Success Affirmative Sentences

1- I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I want.

2- I leave old, negative beliefs that stand before my success.

3- My mind is open to exciting new possibilities.

4- I deserve every good thing life can offer and I deserve to be successful.

5- I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

6- I am grateful to all my talents who served me very well.

7- I enjoy my work today and become more optimistic every day.

8- The universe is full of endless opportunities for me and my career.

9- I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.

10- I am always open-minded and eager to discover new ways to success.

11-I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

12- I recognize the opportunity when you catch or miss the moment.

13- Every day I discover interesting and exciting new ways to success.

14- When I need help, I draw excellent resources and solutions effortlessly.

15- I see prosperity everywhere I look.

16- I am well organized and manage my time with expert efficiency.

17- I am committed to success in every aspect of my life.

18- I love my job and it is part of my journey to greater success.

19- My goals are in perfect harmony with my personal values.

20- I work with charming, inspiring people who share my enthusiasm.

21- I create success and opportunities for others by creating success for myself.

22- I feel calm, confident and strong when dealing with new challenges.

23- It is natural for me to find solutions.

24- I always face with successful people who understand and encourage me.

25- My performance is increasing exponentially.

26- I accept every new struggle as a new opportunity.

27- I congratulate every goal I love and thankful.

28- As I succeed, my confidence increases twice.

29- I am constantly shooting the right conditions at the right time.

30- I am grateful for all the abundance that flows into my life.

31- I trust my intuition and it always makes me make wise decisions.

32- I develop my vision and continue my daily work with passion.

33- Every beautiful day is full of new ideas that inspire and motivate me.

34- I am perfect in everything I do and success comes to me easily.

35- I always get a positive result.

36- I am proud of my ability to make valuable contributions to the world.

37- I am facing with excellent consultants who graciously share their knowledge and guidance.

38- With courage and confidence, I go out of the comfort zone.

39- I am a good listener and an effective communicator.

40- Since I allow more abundance in my life, more doors open to me.

41- I am free from stress and I am developing under pressure.

42- I set high standards for myself and always fulfill my expectations.

43- I have endless new ideas that will help me become more successful.

44- I am removing all restrictive beliefs about my ability to succeed.

45- Every day I draw success in body, mind and spirit.

46- I think big and dream big.

47- I love who I am and naturally come up people who respect me as a unique individual.

48- I am creating a life full of abundance and happiness.

49-I successfully reach my full potential.

50-I make the world a better place by making a positive, strong impact.

105 pcs Affirmations for Love and Relationships

1-The child inside of me is discovering love today.

2- I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.

3- My heart is always open to love and spreading love.

4- All my relationships are long lasting and loving.

5- My wife is the love of my life and the center of my universe.

6- My life partner loves me as much as I love him.

7- I love myself and everyone and in return everyone loves me.

8- I find love everywhere I go. Life is cheerful and beautiful.

9- My wife and I are the perfect match for each other and the love between us is great.

10- I understand my husband perfectly, I can see his point of view.

11- Whatever happens in my relationship, love and forgiveness are the basis of this relationship.

12- I am distributing love and coming back to me by multiplying many layers.

13- I am in love with a wonderful person who is affectionate, loyal to me, loyal, trustworthy and understanding.

14- An eternal love energy revolves around me.

15- I have a lot of love to give.

16- I am effortlessly attracting love.

17- I am grateful for the love around me.

18- There is always love in my life.

19- I love with compassion and understanding.

20- I live with my positive energy and my loving attitude.

21- My world is full of love, light and happiness.

22- I deserve to be loved.

23- I love because I am myself.

24- There are people around me who love and support me.

25- People are filled with love flowing from my being and they appreciate me.

26- I share my love generously with others. I gratefully accept the love of others.

27- Love is the truth of my life.

28- Clearly, honestly, I love with unconditional compassion.

29- I create love with enthusiasm in my life.

30- I live life and love every day.

31- Wonders and love surround me everywhere I go.

32- I live a loving life.

33- Love is everywhere now!

34- I am a positive and loving person

35- I am deeply in love.

36- I always communicate honestly and respectfully

37- I am kind and respectful

38- I feel loved and safe.

39- I am establishing a lasting relationship as in my dreams.

40- I love who I am, naturally come up positive relationships in my life.

41- I deserve the love of a good man.

42- I deserve the love of a good woman.

43- I deserve romantic nights full of candles and roses.

44- Now I deserve to find the love of my life.

45- I am grateful for my unique and wonderful family.

46- I always have a good time in my date .

47- I deserve a wife who is loyal to me.

48- I love happily forever.

49- I love and accept myself and I am a magnet for friends.

50- When I love and accept myself, it is easy to love others.

51- I am surrounded by love

52- I am worthy of love and take lots of love into my soul.

53- I am a loving person and I am always loved

54- Pure love always flows from within me and around me.

55- My heart is open to good and pure love.

56- My heart is loving and spreading love.

57- I see love and respect everywhere.

58- Now I am attracting the most loving person in my life

59- I am worth love.

60- I only attract loving people into my life.

61- My darling accepts me and loves me as I am.

62- My soul mate finds me.

63- Love is a priority for my life.

64- My heart is fully open to love.

65- Love surrounds me in every direction.

66- I allow love to flow into me.

67- I allow myself to love myself completely.

68- I allow to be fully loved by my darling.

69- I am a magnet for perfect, loving love.

70- I focus on love and beauty.

71- I am happy to be in love.

72- I open my arms to accept love.

73- I love and forgive.

74- I love to love and I love to be loved.

75- I am open, free and loving person.

76- I deserve to find my soul mate.

77- Lovely people easily find me.

78- Today I choose to be romantic.

79- I can easily and regularly bring love into my life.

80- I enjoy giving and receiving love.

81- I love what I am.

82- I love my behavior.

83- I love and accept everyone.

84- Today I choose to speak to everyone with love.

85- I am very compassionate and peaceful.

86- I always and completely love myself.

87- I love myself because I treat others well.

88- I love myself for being nice to myself.

89- Every day I allow myself to increase my love for myself.

90- It feels me happy to feel loved.
91- I love

92- I love humanity.

93- I love myself unconditionally.

94- I am in love with love.

95- Today I choose to love more.

96- I love who I am.

97- I am pure love.

98- I love every aspect of my life.

99- I love every aspect of my being.

100- I accept love from others.

101- I want love and love wants me

102- I trust my own strength and open the door of love

103- The love of my life is magnificent inside and outside

104- It feels great to love and be loved

105- I deserve to be treated well because I am worth to love

30 pcs Affirmation Sentences for Abundance and Fertility

1. Wealth surrounds me every day.

2. My life becomes richer and more fertile every day

3. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

4. Wealth is constantly flowing into my life.

5. My behavior constantly creates wealth, prosperity and abundance

6. I am in harmony with the energy of wealth and fertility.

7. I’m a magnet for money.

8. Prosperity and abundance are drawn to me.

9. Wealth is the meaning of my life.

10. I am open and receptive to all the wealth that life offers me.

11. I am rich.

12. I always have a lot of money.

13. I attract money to myself.

14. I feel great as a rich man.

15. Wealth flows into my life and my calculations.

16. I am constantly receiving large amounts of money in increasing amounts.

17. I am grateful for everything I have received.

18. Today I am attracting wealth, fertility and prosperity.

19. My wallet and bank balance are filled with money.

20. My wealth shines within me.

21. I am creating the avalanche of financial abundance.

22. I release every bloc that prevents it from being prosperous and rich.

23. Wealth flows to me from all directions.

24. Materially abundance and money naturally comes to me.

25. I always allow the financial abundance and generously share my wealth.

26. The wealth flows to me like waves in the ocean.

27. I incorporate thoughts of wealth and abundance into my energy.

28. I am a rich entrepreneur who lives life on my own terms.

29. I spread wealth, abundance and prosperity.

30. My wealth is growing forever because I serve the world more

Affirmation Sentences in Stress and Depression 10

1. I love myself unconditionally.

2. I am STRONG!

3. I allow only healthy and loving relationships in my life.

4. Life wants what’s best for me. I’m fine where I am right now.

5. I am comfortable with all people, in any environment.

6. I find and enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers now.

7. I know how I feel, so I concentrate my life on aspects that make me feel good!

8. My challenges offer me better opportunities.

9. My mood creates a physiological reaction in my body. Peaceful and positive!

10. I have control of my thoughts, emotions and life.

30 Affirmation Sentences for Life

1- I am fearless.

2-I am constantly developing, I have the information I need for today.

3- I am calm and careful.

4- I have compassion for others and myself.

5- I am a positive being aware of my potential.

6- There are no blockages that I cannot overcome.

7- I am strong and wise.

8- I love meeting other people and making new friends.

9- Life is very good.

10-I am the best motivator for myself.

11- I accept that challenges are opportunities for growth and development.

12- I only attract positive people, because I am a positive person myself.

13- I am unique and this is my gift to the world.

14- I make a difference by appearing every day and doing my best.

15- Every time I create a better form of myself.

16- I know my actions and this brings me closer to my goals.

17- I deserve what I want because I have pure and necessary qualities for my wish.

18- I am solution oriented. I’m not afraid of obstacles.

19- I have the ability to fulfill my duties and responsibilities.

20- I am grateful for my journey and lessons.

21- I have unlimited power.

22- I love myself and transcend the conditions that life offers me.

23- I accept the compliments easily because I know that I deserve them.

24- Everything is possible. I am open to possibilities

25- I am creative and open to new solutions.

26- I am talented and intelligent.

27- My job satisfies me.

28- I accept my Super Powers and use them to help others.

29- I am enthusiastic, confident and insistent.

30- I learn from mistakes and failures and do my best.

40 Positive Sentences to Become a Good Parent

1- I am a great parent.

2- I am aware of the nature of my child and support them to live their realities.

3- I am willing to learn and grow.

4- I am grateful to the resources that continue to help me to become a good parent.

5- My wife and I agree on healthy parenting approaches.

6- When something is unstable, I have the power to correct it.

7- I trust myself in my parenting role.

8- I listen and guide my soul.

9- I am doing the right thing for my children.

10- I support the selection of my children.

11- I know that I am the best parent in comparisons.

12- I love being a parent.

13- I love the joy that this role gives me.

14- I am healthy and active.

15- I take the time to take care of my own needs; doing this supports me to be a better parent.

16- I find what I need.

17- I am making changes easily when change is the best option.

18- I know my family is successful.

19- We are having a great time together.

20-My children’s health is a priority for me.

21- I take the necessary steps to ensure that I support their health.

22- I find answers when something is unstable.

23- I give healthy food to my children.

24- My children love healthy eating.

25- Dinner is a pleasant experience that we all look forward to.

26- I can get good food that my children like to eat.

27- I enjoy cooking and find resources to support me when I need a break.

28- I have a nice family life.

29- We like to stay in shape and exercise.

30- I am a good role model for my children about how to look after their bodies.

31- I teach my children to love and respect their bodies.

32- My children are healthy individuals

33- We stay healthy all year round.

33- Our house is a peaceful place.

34- Our house is tidy and clean.

35- Everyone is willing to contribute to maintaining the order and function of our home.

36- My children willingly do the chores.

37- I create how they can support their real nature by giving them jobs that they can easily accomplish.

38- We have a lot of fun in our house.

39- We have pleasant moments about the activities we have spent in our house.

40- I am grateful that we spent the right time as a family to play together and have fun.

80 Pcs Strong Affirmations

1- I feel the love of those around me physically.

2- I enjoy my own loneliness.

3- I take the right steps to make myself happy.

4- I love myself and I agree.

5- I focus on breathing and grounding.

6- My intuition and my heart keep me safe.

7- I always make the right choices.

8- I am inspired by my inner strength and light.

9- I trust myself.

10- I am a unique child of this world.

11- The world gives me happiness and peace.

12- I am discovering the purpose of my life.

13-I can be a person in 7 billion earth , but I am the one in 7 billion earth.

14- I trust my inner wisdom and intuition.

15- I breathe in calmness and give the tension out.

16- I am a kind person

17- Great things find me.

18- I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made.

19- I leave my anger to see clearly.

20- My anger away from myself.

21- I change my anger with understanding and compassion.

22- I apologize to those affected by my anger.

23- My hope goes to the highest point.

24- I gather more hope and courage from my inner world.

25- I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to live life.

26- If I cannot see a better way, I ask for help and guidance.

27- I am the manager and captain of my life.

28- I know that my mind and knowledge lead me to the right decision.

29- I believe that I will make the best decision for me.

30- He collects ideas and I give the right idea.

31- I listen to my inner world with love.

32- I love my family.

33- I show my family how much I love them verbally and nonverbally.

34- I have a good reason to match this perfect family.

35- I choose to see my family as a gift.

36- I love the happiness I have with my family.

37- I am with my friends who approve and love me.

38- I surround myself with people who treat me well.

39- I take time to show that I care about my friends.

40- My friends support and trust me.

41- I enjoy great conversation with my friends.

42- I am beautiful and intelligent and everyone sees me like this.

43- I am a positive person

44- From now on I only meet people who make me happy

45- People who love me come into my life.

46- I do things that I like and I find satisfactory.

47- I play a big role in my own career success.

48- I do meaningful, wonderful and rewarding works.

49- I agree with the works that positively affect this world.

50- I believe in my ability to change the world through what I do.

51- Today brings joy to me.

52- Today is a great day for my memories.

53- My thoughts become my reality, I think positive.

54- I fill my day with hope and continue with joy.

55- Today I live life fully.

56- I am avoiding worries that wasting my energy.

57- I make smart and calculated plans for my future.

58- I am a money magnet. I’m attracting wealth and abundance.

59- I am fully responsible for planning for my future.

60- I trust my ability to take good care of my family.

61- I follow my dreams no matter what.

62- I show compassion to help my loved ones understand my dreams.

63- I ask my loved ones to support my dreams.

64. I answer questions about my dreams without defense.

65- My beloved ones accept my dreams.

66- I accept everyone as they are and I continue to pursue my dreams.

67- I am safe. Everything is very good.

68- Everything works for my highest good.

69- My life energy is rising.

70- I’m smart, I’m overcoming everything.

71- I know a solution to all my problems.

72- All roads lead me to a solution.

73- I am looking for a new way of thinking about an unsolved situation.

74- The answer, even if I haven’t seen it yet, I can find it.

75- Paving my way and liberating myself.

76- I work and succeed more than anyone.

77- I compare myself only with my highest self.

78- I give energy to this world.

79- I am quite happy with my own conditions

80- I see myself as a gift to my people, society and nation.

Happiness Affirmations 15

1- I deserve to be healthy, happy and successful.

2- I am at peace with who I am and I am proud of whom I am.

3- I am committed to a happy life.

4- I am happy.

5- I create the life that I deserve to live.

6- I will choose the happiness of this moment instead of the pain of the past.

7- I am a bright and cheerful person.

8- I am good at loving others and making others happy.

9- The only person I want to be is a better version of myself.

10- I reach every goal I set for myself.

11- Happiness and love flow freely from me.

12- Every day I am happier in every way.

13- Today I am open to laughter and joy.

14- I only choose to be positive.

15- I choose to feel good.


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