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If You Feel Worthless


Don’t worry if you feel lost and alone. Because most of the world feels worthless and lonely. The number of people receiving therapy and psychological treatment in the world has increased by 20% since 2005. And what is the reason for this?

5 main reasons why you feel worthless and lonely?


You feel worthless because you put too much pressure on yourself. You overload yourself and constantly comparing yourself with others. You feel weak and unsuccessful because of the success of others.


You feel worthless because you’re so obsessed with others’ criticism. There will be constructive as well as harsh criticisms about you. Sometimes your work and sometimes your school life or home life can be criticized. It is important what you think, not others’ thoughts.


You feel worthless because you don’t understand the meaning of life. When you ask a child what life means, he can call you “candies or toys.” He would have said something quite right. The meaning of life is hidden in the things you love and enjoy. A beautiful book and the music you love is the meaning of life. Or your spouse and children. If you can reach them, if they are with you, lucky you


 You’re focusing on what you don’t have. What makes you feel so worthless and unsuccessful is what you can’t get. But what you don’t understand is that you will never succeed when you focus on your desires. When you release your wishes, you focus on what you have. In this way, energy is formed in the wishes. Remember, as long as you’re not satisfied with what you’ve accomplished, and more you want, you will be the captive of your ambition.


You’re looking at the dark, not the light. You feel unworthy and unhappy because you don’t think positively and you don’t focus on positive. What will increase its value is to think positively. You should think so.


Because you are precious; You are rewarded with life in this life. You have the talent and beauty that can change your life. You’re strong and successful enough to do things you don’t like or want. You’re smart enough to defeat your fears. You have a plan to cross the path of the disabled.

>>>If You Change Your Mind, You Change Your Life

Remember, you’re a valuable asset …

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