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20 Things You Should Do for a Great Life


The word magnificent should not come exaggerated to you. Because our lives can be truly magnificent. What we have to do is simple …

“Only I can change my life. Nobody can do it for me.” Carol Burnett

1- Marry the right person … Because 90% of your life may be spent with that person.

2- Do the job you love … You will be unhappy to spend most of your life in a job you don’t like.

3- Treat your friends above their expectations … This will give you the strength to strengthen your social relationships.

4- Be positive and enthusiastic. Positive people are more successful in most cases.

5- Learn to forgive others and oneself for the mistakes … Errors are the burden of man, to get rid of it, you should forgive.

6- Be generous. Not the things that you take from this life, the things you give strengthens you.

7- Have a thankful heart. A heart that is more or less thankful and grateful makes you peaceful and good.

8- Learn to be constant in what you have experienced.

9- Learn to save money immediately, even if you have a modest salary

10- Treat to people like you want to be treated by them.

11- Focus on continuous improvement.

12- Always focus on being a better quality person.

13- You must understand this well. Wealth and celebrity have nothing to do with happiness. Think about it when you’re happy, and you get rich? Of course not.

14- Be loyal. Don’t forget those who did you a favor

15- Be honest.

16- Learn to motivate yourself. People can get you down. But you must have the ability to change your own mode all the time.

17- Take responsibility and don’t blame others for your problems

18- Be determined in your life and be certain in your decisions.

19- Think of death and remember that this can happen any moment

20- Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime gift and embrace others on this journey …

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