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5 Powerful Keys to Increasing Your Intuitive Power

For some, life is a coincidence and a lucky dice. For some, it is the work of the Creator. You can explain life scientifically, but something will still be missing. This is where our intuition and instincts come into play.

Firefighters who survived an explosion in a fire, relying on their instincts. Is this completely instinctive? Yeah! The most basic key of our instincts is the subconscious. But it may not be explained only by the subconscious.

Have you ever had a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen? If the news of a family member getting sick or experiencing a bad situation comes after this, your intuition is clear.

Intuitions should not be interpreted as psychics. These are only strong senses that we inherited from our ancestors during the hunter-gatherer era. By understanding them, we can improve our instincts.

5 powerful keys to enhance and enhance your intuition

Think freely: The biggest thing that restricts you is the locks you put in your inner world. The most basic way to increase your intuition is to free your mind. Everyone is waiting for a magic word or text … But the truth is reserved in you. Your opinion will not rise unless you release your mind.


Imagine a place you love and imagine you are there totally. Close your eyes and say you are on a beach. Feel the heat left by the sand on your feet. The smell of the beach and the moist air of the sea. Concentrate and apply for 15 minutes.


Feel the vibrations: The whole universe emits a vibration. Everything vibrates. Focus on these vibrations and feel them. The vibration that someone emits can indicate which emotions he has experienced. Focus and capture the vibration around you.


Listen to your instincts: Listen to your feelings and ask for help in an event. The more you listen to your instincts, the stronger they will become.


Balance your energy: Your intuition only develops if you trust them. In an environment where your emotions are negative, your ego will produce negative false intuitions. This will wear you out. Therefore it is important that you balance your Spiritual energy. Give affirmation and balance time to balance your energy. If you are spiritually strong and balanced, your intuition will increase.

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