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10 Strong Lifetime Advice

10 Pieces of Life Advice

Much can be said for our lives. But we can’t say it all. “I’m living my life as much as I want”. Very few people can say that. Usually our excuses are ready. Got to make money, got work, we have debts. But listen to these recommendations. Maybe your opinion changes a little …

Pieces of Life Advice

Everything is temporary.
We are so engrossed in the illusion of life that we cannot realize anything. Everything is temporary. Even in our lives … Our sorrows and other obstacles are temporary. When something bad happens to us, it may seem like it lasts forever. But it goes well in time.

Real; No matter how much you plan, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
Altough we gurantee ourselves as much as , again we can not know what will catch us tomorrow. When we realize that we have made sand castles, we only realize the value of today.

Honesty is the greatest wealth.
The biggest and strongest virtue that a person can win is to be honest. Not to be honest just to yourself , you should be honest to others as well
Everybody looks like a little thistle, and you have to find a rose.
Most people in your life may want to hurt you. When you find the person who cares about you don’t loose him.

Not the cover of the book, care to inside of it
People look like books. We often choose books by looking at the cover. That’s what’s wrong with us. The cover can be nice however content is empty.

Life consists of choices. Think about it when you decide.
Many people are not aware of it. But the sum of life consists of elections. The right choices lead to a beautiful life. Wrong choices lead to bad life. …

If you change your mind, your attitude changes and it gives you a great life.
A negative thinking person; their decisions are negative. This gives him a difficult life. Change your mind and manage for him.

Don’t Live your life for others.
The most precious thing in this life is for you again. Know your own value and don’t delay your life for others…

You’re the person that you want to be
You come to this life once and you have a one-time chance. Live it at the top. Believe in your dreams and your self …

Include faith and courage.
A mouse was afraid of the cat and the great tree sadden this mouse. He turned the mouse into a cat not to be afraid. The cat now started to be scared of the dog. This time the tree turned him into a dog. But this time the mouse is afraid of the lion.

The tree made him a lion and the king of forests. But this time the mouse was afraid of the hunter. The great tree says that if I turn you into what you say you will have the heart of a mouse. As long as you don’t defeat these fears, you will sit on a sidelines. Embrace life with faith and act with courage so that the meaning of life you have is high …

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