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What is Real Happiness? And How can we reach to Happiness?

Happiness is temporary. Real happiness is permanent. What is this real happiness and how is it achieved? We are happy when we hear something good about our expectations. Happiness is focused on the results of our expectations. Of course, our sense of happiness passes after a while. But real happiness is not a state of emotion. It’s about feeling good and catching peace. This is something to notice.

Our thoughts create our feelings. Our emotions help create our mood. Real happiness is above these two cycles. It is a high perception. The reality of your self is the conception.

How to achieve real happiness?

The truth; this is a single thing that I’m just BEING. You have not come to this world cannot be one.

You’re not the dress you wear.
You’re not your brands.
You’re not the food you ate.
You’re not your car, your job or your home.
You’re not a roll.
Neighbor, teacher, lawyer, architect etc. You are not.
You’re not what you read.
You didn’t come to this world for this.
You came to this world to learn one thing.
You came to learn how to be me.
When all thoughts are shed
Silence the ego
When he nourishes his breath
When you’re the only one
You will learn …

Here comes true happiness when it comes out of all its labels. The happiness is infinite when the truth finds you. Because everything else is gone. He perceives something other than yourself. You’ll notice when you exceed the perception. You discover who you are

The biggest step that will change life takes place when you understand yourself. Real happiness is not about feelings. It is that to be reaching over perspective. Duality finished over there and you are the only one. At that moment you feel that everything is connected to each other. This insight shows that his life depends on the source.

Real Happiness is only when you find your true self. The truth is waiting for you in the essence. It’s not hard to find.

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