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Is It Possible to Heal with the Power of Thought? | Mind Power

What is the placebo effect?

What’s mind power and how to heal your body use mind power? The laws of physics that Newton discovered see man as a machine. You replace the parts that break down in a machine, you replace them with a new one, or you fix them. But is it right to look at you like a machine… In fact, this idea lies in the key to healing with the power of thought.

There’s another branch of science that makes us question the certainty of the laws of physics, quantum physics that shows us that everything is energy. There are atoms at the heart of everything, and this world operates outside the laws of physics. A lot of things are possible in this world.

If the basis of everything is atoms and atoms are energy, then we are essentially energy. When we think about something, we expend some energy. Thought can seem like an abstract concept. But we exist thinking about it. The thought is in our brain with an electrical current and neurons are formed. We create some kind of energy by thinking.


Einstein says energy never disappears.

Research has discovered a common allocation of terminally ill patients. What is it, their desire to live and their faith. Yes, they have a definite opinion of life, they want to move on. This mindset they create for life gives them a miracle.

It helps them overcome deadly diseases. The body’s power to heal itself is working with all its strength in an instant.

In short, our thinking affects our body and our reality. In fact, it can change it completely. It’s called a placebo effect in medical science.


What is the placebo effect?

Scientists divide it into three groups, give 50 patients a drug that really heals one group, and the other group gives sugar in the form of a drug. They’re not giving anything to the control group. 75% improvement is seen in the drug recipient group. The group, which is given sugar but thinks it’s a drug, is recovering close to the same rate. In short, the body heals when it thinks it’s going to heal with that drug.

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So what’s causing this confusing situation? Scientists can’t explain it. It’s about the power of thought. The brain heals because he believes he’s going to get better.

The power of thought can be a factor in your recovery. By taking medical treatments and under doctor’s supervision, of course.

mind power

We can show how powerful your thinking is through a simple experiment. If I told you not to think of a pink elephant, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Of course, it’s thinking about him.

In short, our thoughts affect not only our minds but also our whole body and reality. Think beautifully, live beautifully.

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