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9 Mindfulness Rituals That Make You Feel Great

Smile, breathe deeply and be aware. Mindfulness is one of the most important things for humans. Being in the now gives great peace of mind to be free from thoughts and concerns. Most of the time staying in the now and being mindfulness is a very difficult process for us.

Add below rituals to your life for mindfulness.

When you wake up in the morning, sit on the bed for a while;
Concentrate on your breath shopping. Empty your mind.

Focus on brushing your teeth;
What we don’t do while brushing teeth is focusing on brushing teeth. It is a wonderful ritual that will improve your mindfulness. Focus on brushing your teeth Don’t think of anything else.

Focus on food while eating;
We’re watching television and we’re running out of food. Or we’re making calculations in our minds. But this diminishes our mindfulness. Focus on the flavor of the food you will see while eating will be much more enjoyable.

Take a half-hour walk;
Empty your mind and walk for half an hour

Transform tea drinking into a ceremony;
When drinking tea, use a porcelain cup and brew your tea in a porcelain teapot. Have a tea time and make it special.

Walk slowly to your destination;
Get out a little early on the way to work and enjoy the journey. Walk leisurely.

Read books in quiet surroundings;
Reading is something that is good for your mindfulness. Dive into the world of imagination may seem the opposite. But this is a big step to focus on.

Be grateful;
Raise your mindfulness by thanking you for what has been given to you in life.

Try to focus half an hour;
Concentration is very important. Be sure to follow simple puzzles or activities such as su do ku to focus. Just do one task in a moment and focus your mind on what you do.

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