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5 Big Steps to Wake Up to the Truth

What we see is the electrical waves of neurons in our brains. We interpret reality in our brains over and over again. Our mind sees and interprets the reflection in our minds, that is, its shadow, not the real one. The perception in our brains and the world outside can be different.

In short, a mentally ill person can interpret the world very differently. He looks at the world from his own broken mindset. It’s like putting a crystal in front of us and looking at it. It can be broken in our thoughts in our brain like the light.

“The outer world is absolute, but the reality is not that way – everything is connected and not absolute. This view is very useful for a peaceful mind. Because the main thing that disturbs the peace is anger. Dalai Lama “

So what’s the truth?
In fact, when we say the truth, we do not say that our perception offers us a different world. But when we perceive the truth, we are exposed to filters. Yes, we have filters in our brains just like on Instagram. This affects us from our upbringing to the structure of the society and culture we live in. So, World views of cultures can be very different.

5 Big Steps to Wake Up to Reality

1- Focus on now.
Our brain tries to push us away from the present with two big illusions. It keeps us busy with past events and future people. This is his working principle. He is an organ working on thinking. Just as the heart pumps blood, it creates thoughts in our minds. This is his structure. But when we have no control over the heart, we have a say in our brains. The most important moment in our lives is now.

2- The world is perceptions fair. Focus on the whole.
There are so many events and actions around us that we cannot detect if we try to focus on all of them. Our mind sends the majority of the events we perceive in such situations to the unconscious. The only thing remains us that we focus on.
But this does not change the fact that our minds apply a filter to us. Awareness-makers are aware of every event around them. Their perception filters are either absent or scarce. Focus on the whole without trying to understand the events around you one by one, the reality is very different and beautiful.

3- Feel your feelings really
Our mind is in a big circle of filters. In short, most of the time we are in the autopilot. How Does? For example, we are not usually there when eating. Or even while brushing teeth or watching television … We automatically feel our feelings in the background. We are taking the taste of an apple, but we are so little aware that the taste disappears in our minds. Experience your feelings with mindfulness.

4- Remove all filters and see them as objective.
Stand out from race, religion, culture and all other thoughts and look at the world objectively for a while from a single main window. Then you will see how intense the filters are. Don’t make a comment. Don’t try to get an idea. Just watch a little life through this window for a while.

5- Focus on your existing existence.
If I ask you what you forgot most, you can answer a lot. But in reality, we forget most of our own sense of existence. Focus inside. Let your breath flow … Let your thoughts flow. Watch yourself and feel your own existence. Realize how unique you are and that you are the most fundamental reason for your existence …

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