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Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening | Body Aches

What is "Spiritual Awakening"?

What are the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening? What exactly are body aches and physical signs? How can we turn physical results into positive.

Do you feel totally overwhelmed & tired right now? Do your emotions ride a roller coaster? Do you perceive more than before, maybe even angels or the deceased? Do you feel connected to everything that is? Do you have unexplained physical symptoms? These can be signs of your (spiritual) awakening.

What is “Spiritual Awakening”?

Perhaps you have already noticed that the earth is steadily increasing its vibration. In addition, vibrations-increasing frequencies and energetic information flow from our sun and the cosmos/universe to our planet. All of this serves to awaken more and more people.

What do I mean by “spiritual awakening”?

With “awakening,” it is meant that we wake up from the “spiritual derangement.” We become aware that there is more than we learned in school or from society. That there is more than we can see with the naked eye. And that what is generally referred to as “reality” is more complex, offers room for interpretation, and is anything but static and fixed from the start that we are in truth divine beings who have human experiences here on this earth.

It is so wanted that more and more people wake up & wake up and help to increase the energy on earth.

And very likely, you are a so-called lightworker, healer, Starseed. One of our tasks & vocation is to transform our issues & possibly even traumas from this and previous life and ancestral issues to pass this on to others (in whatever form = vocation). The more of these old energies are transformed and dissolved, the lighter our energy system becomes. In this way, we positively influence our entire environment, our family constellations, and ultimately also the energy of the earth and the universe. Because when everything is one & connected, we do not exist separate from everything that is. And we let our light shine …

Below I would like to introduce you to some of the most common symptoms of spiritual awakening.

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

1 | Be aware

That we are divine & connected with all that is.

The first symptom that you will awaken is: You are aware that you are more than just this human body. You are much more than you previously thought. There is your immortal part, also called the soul / higher self.

When you become aware that you or your soul has chosen to come here – possibly from afar (> see Starseed), and if you become more aware that you will go back again when you leave this body, this consciousness turns the whole system upside down: You are no longer a victim of circumstances, but you have it in your hand in the interaction with your soul to shape your life yourself with a whole new power and from an entirely new perspective.

You realize that you can suddenly influence situations and manifest things.

Perhaps you feel connected to certain people, animals, plants, or the entire universe.

2 | Physical symptoms & pain

In advance: Please consult a doctor/naturopath in the event of inexplicable, severe, or persistent pain and symptoms!

Our body is the densest form of energy in our energy system, consisting of energy channels, chakras, aura layers, etc. Our body has to adapt to our new consciousness and also to the increased energies.

At the same time, old blockages and issues are resolved through energy and transformation work. Sometimes these issues – already resolved on an energetic level – have to go through our bodies. Especially when they have already manifested themselves physically, the body can now let go of them.

This can cause severe pain that does not seem to have any cause.

Often there are so-called weak points in the body, where topics recur, but the original can be different every time. We may perceive this as a chronic complaint, but there are complex symptoms of letting go in truth.

Try to feel inside yourself, talk to your body or your organs.

Treat yourself to a lot, preferably a lot of rest. Get out in nature and do things that you enjoy. Practice letting go.

3 | Food intolerance

Do you know that: Your body reacts more violently to food and luxury foods than before. For example, suddenly you don’t like meat anymore. Or you may find that gluten and alcohol are not doing you any good. Sugar can also mess up our energy system and body functions.

But that also has its good points: Our body and our energy system clearly show us what is helpful for us and what is not.

If possible, avoid these foods and beverages. Eat as natural and light as possible.

4 | Emotional roller coaster

It may be that at the moment (or for a long time), you have the feeling that you are riding on an extreme, emotional roller coaster—a constant, violent up and down. You can get the impression that everything is getting worse instead of better.

If you are someone who faces up to your issues and you work on yourself, I can reassure you: Everything will not get worse, but rather what you have suppressed for years, what you may have stored in your system in terms of traumatic experiences have, now with full force upwards. But this is not so that you have to suffer, but so that you have the chance to see it and to transform it.

Even if it can be pretty uncomfortable when these old emotions arise, it will pass! The less we defend ourselves against it and try to observe the emotions as relaxed as possible and not (!) Get into them, the faster they can go.

One solution would be that if you are outraged, you go out of the room and shout it out briefly, thus saying goodbye.

Sometimes it is also helpful to take a closer look and question where these emotions come from and what the cause is to transform them/dissolve them.

5 | Extended perception

It may be that you suddenly perceive a lot more than before, maybe even angels, spiritual beings, or the dead. Which can be shocking if you’re not used to it.

You perceive/feel a lot more energies, such as the feelings of other people or powers in the room. And it may well be that you have become a lot more open in the last few months and weeks.

We are all connected and in constant exchange with one another, but so far, our system was so calibrated that we perceived things unconsciously but may have related them to us  Now we are aware of this wrong interpretation, and we have to Recalibrate the system.

Suppose you now see angelic beings or see a shimmer or movement out of the corner of your eye or even see the dead or hear voices or know things intuitively. In that case, this indicates that your senses & your system are opening and adapting to the increased vibration.

We would communicate telepathically with one another (which some of the indigenous peoples still practice today) or send a picture to someone remotely. Similar to an email with an attachment, we could project an image on demand – without imposing it on the other, of course. We are increasingly able to communicate and exchange ideas through our hearts. All of this will become more and more of our reality soon.

You may also find that the right words do not exist for what you want to express. Often words can no longer describe what is real or what is happening. Words are like a kind of baby talk, and the above communication channels will increase in the future.

5 | Overwork & tiredness

Maybe you feel less resilient and constantly exhausted.

In truth, we are not less resilient, but we have so far functioned within our self-built, narrow structures (society, performance-oriented school, and work system, studies). Now we (and our soul) want to unfold, break the chains and rigid structures. So we are becoming more and more open and porous. And realize that we simply no longer fit into this tight corset, that it takes away the air to breathe and the energy to develop.

The old functioning no longer works!

The extreme tiredness is often because we have overwhelmed ourselves for years and have not allowed ourselves the necessary rest & breaks & time-outs.

We always want to become more and more of the butterfly we genuinely are.

Fatigue & overstrain can occur mainly during the so-called portal days when a lot of energy flows to us on earth. At the same time, old topics can pop up to be resolved.

The rule here is not to put further pressure on ourselves but to be loving with ourselves. And to allow us time out.

6 | New friends & futility in the job

If you are on the way to awakening, you may suddenly realize that you have little or no overlap with old friends or family regarding interests, attitudes towards life, and values. This can be because you are developing faster and in a different direction than those around you. Your values can change.

At the same time, you may feel a pointlessness in terms of your work. You may be successful, but suddenly this type of work seems empty and unfulfilled. This is because you are not yet living your true calling. 

Tips & steps for more ease

Our goal must be to be more and more at home in our hearts (from the mind to the heart) and to increase our vibration more and more.

Now while reading, put your hand on your heart, connect with earth & sky and let your breath flow easily. Breathe in and out through your heart. Do you feel a change?

What else you can do to make it easier for yourself with the symptoms of awakening: Consciously & intentionally increase your vibration 

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

1 | Empowering environment & benevolent people

Find a loving and benevolent environment. In the ghetto (wherever that may be or whatever it represents to you ), even the most unexpected person has a hard time staying positive. Find an environment, apartment, city, job where you are respected, where you are supported and feel comfortable and secure. Searching for and finding these places can be a process, but start setting the intention today. And become aware of what you would like to have in your life.

To get into a loving and peaceful state, take a look at the live full moon meditation with Maria Magdalena. (Resources> Full Moon Meditation)

Surround yourself with benevolent people and like-minded people. They understand you and can support you in everyday life.

2 | Know and set your limits

Get to know and appreciate your limits. Set your limits consciously. It is also helpful to occupy your own space energetically 

3 | meditation

Establish a meditation practice. Meditating regularly helps us to focus on observation, away from the mind or physical symptoms. And it allows us to feel more centered and less overwhelmed.

4 | Move

Exercise regularly. Precisely because we need a time out and rest, we sometimes tend to move too little. Find out what is good for you and go, for example, yoga or walking, or riding a bike.

5 | Grounding, clearing & ball of light

If you establish a soothing routine for yourself in the morning, it will be easy for you to get up, and you will be focused, grounded, and well prepared for the day.

Maybe you like to set an intention for the day. A morning meditation (see above) is a great way to start the day relaxed.

Then you can ground yourself and connect with the divine source so that you are always (consciously) connected. This helps you to center yourself. Sometimes it also has to be that you deliberately sit in a protective energy ball when challenging situations are imminent. Do what feels good to you.

Sometimes it also helps to clear your energies. 

6 | Live your creativity

Live your creativity and your expression. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to write, sing, dance, make music,  let your creativity flow. When you are in the creative flow, you are connected to the divine source and your higher self. These flows help you recharge.

7 | Alternative ways of dealing with pain

If you experience physical or psychological pain, stop wanting to get rid of it and give yourself to it. Get in the middle of the pain, breathe as relaxed and deeply as possible, and let go. Let go of your tense muscles. Let go of the pain to stop. Get into the middle of it. Feel free to ask God or the angels for help with this. And watch what happens.

8 | Physical detox

Often a real benefit, especially with physical symptoms!

If we often feel stressed, this causes, among other things, an acidic environment in the body, and the aging process progresses faster. Stress can cause illness (although from a spiritual perspective, there is an energetic blockage beforehand, which ideally needs to be resolved).

Nevertheless, it can do the body sufficiently to eat more consciously, do a colon cleanse, or avoid sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, or animal products for a specific time, especially if you are allergic to food or don’t tolerate it well.

9 | Invite soul

Invite your soul. This happens when you connect with earth & heaven, breathe into your heart, open your heart and then invite your soul (higher self). Sometimes it takes some time until you are open to your soul; sometimes, you can perceive your soul immediately. Patience & openness are the keys to your inner treasure trove.

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