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Spiritual Meaning Of The Four Elements | Zodiac | Classic Elements

What is the meaning of these 4 elements in our lives,

Spiritual Meaning Of The Four Elements? What is the meaning of these 4 elements in our lives, which have been the basis of life for tens of billions of years.

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Throughout history, human beings have survived, among other things, thanks to their sense of observation. Looking around, they discovered that four elements surrounded them everywhere: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. These elements of Nature today probably do not have the magic or the strength that they had in ancient times.

However, they are present in your daily life:

every day you bathe (Water)
the wind ruffles you ( Air )
you heat your food (Fire)
and your feet tread the ground ( Earth )

Spiritual Meaning Of The Four Elements
Spiritual Meaning Of The Four Elements

Spiritual Meaning Of The Four Elements

According to the Dictionary of Symbols by Jean Chevalier

(French theologian, writer, and philosopher, 1906-1993), Water is purification (elimination of our imperfections), freedom, life, fertility,

sensitivity, and emotionality. The Water is spiritual birth (baptism).

The Air is a symbol of vanity, instability, fickleness of racing thoughts. It is spiritual breath, change, spiritualization (which means to a person, that is, less materialistic and more interested in internal growth), an intermediary between heaven and the Earth.

The Fire is wisdom, joy, initiation, conversion, regeneration (behavioral change),
destruction, animation, protection.

The Earth is the mother, the softness, the submission, the firmness, the fertility, the origin of the whole, the materiality.

These four elements are found in Nature and many other places. such as a temazcal bath, the zodiac signs, and the deck (tarot)

The temazcal is a steam bath with aromatic and medicinal herbs that have been practiced since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico. It was considered an essential ritual for its hygienic and spiritual benefits. In it, the Goddess Tonantzin was worshiped, who represented the mother who cares about keeping us in good health and allowed us to return to her womb on Earth, to purify and detoxify our body, mind, and spirit. Temazcal – temazcalli – (comes from the word, themes; steam and calli is home). A temazcal bath symbolized the creative and regenerative power of life within the womb.

Relieving fevers, skin or bone problems, poor circulation, and muscle aches are some of the many benefits that this bath offers. The traditional temazcal is carried out in a small dark and humid room. This low-ceilinged room, whose only entrance is usually less than a meter high, is built either with adobe, stone, or wood, depending on the materials available in the environment.

Inside it, volcanic stones previously heated to red-hot are placed on which an infusion of aromatic herbs from traditional Mexican herbalism is poured to produce steam. A guide or shaman uses a leafy bouquet of fresh plants to fan and direct the smoke. This ritual ceremony, which lasts from half an hour to an hour, can also include massages, songs that induce the person to state internal peace, and meditation practices.

In the temazcal there are the four elements already mentioned above lines: Water: which is steam, receives us as a loving mother, in its maternal womb, welcomes us inside where physical and emotional ailments are transmuted, restoring us to health and vitality.

The Earth, represented by the “dark and humid” cave, is life, the tangible, the abundant, stable, permanent, solid, safe, and is the element that supports all forms of life.

The Fire, burning rocks and herbs, helps us communicate with the divine. All the useless, the unhealthy, the pains, and the diseases are delivered to the Fire on the hot stones so that they are burned, purified, and transmuted into life to restore health and well-being. Air is the vapor that originates from water contact with hot stones, and it is absorbed through all the pores and respiration.

The environment created inside the temazcal favors the expression of anxiety, anguish, sadness, suffering, fear, and pain, which helps to clarify the direction of our lives, the actual dimension of the present, and opens a horizon of hope. This humid and warm Air, in absolute darkness, connects us to ourselves. It revives the soul and facilitates the reunion with the universal force of the spirit.

What will be breathed in that place is a breath of life.
The cups represent Water in the deck and the zodiac by Cancer, Scorpio, and Piscis. The mug holds Water, wine, or milk. It means life, fertility, love, marriage, abundance, intuition, heart, soul, fidelity, passion, will of God according to His divine plan, change of energy.

Signs of Water are dreamers, like family life, are very emotional and sentimental. Cancer is the first, and for this reason, it is the most sensitive in emotional matters; it represents the child, and its motto would be ” I feel. ” Scorpio is the sign that would manifest itself through the expression ” I desire ” and would be related to the experience of sex. While, finally, Pisces would be the one that gives off the most excellent extrasensory perception and whose manifestation is reflected through the ” I believe. ”

The Air corresponds to the deck to the swords and in the zodiac to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Blades have a double meaning. They can represent positive things: cutting what no longer serves us or negative things: destruction. Among the characteristics of the air signs: Creativity, reflection, communication, both spoken and written. They are excellent conversationalists.

Gemini would be the most talkative and, in turn, would represent the child ” I think, “Libra would be the productive one, the one who collects the data and would define himself as the ” I weigh, “while Aquarius would be the idealist and would express himself as the ” I know. ”

In the deck, Fire is the representative of the wands. Wands are a symbol of energy, action, power, strength, potency, hard work, sex.

At the same time, Fire represents wisdom, joy, initiation, conversion, purification, regeneration, destruction. It corresponds to the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries would symbolize the most primitive aspects of the person, emphasizing one’s existence. Therefore it would be defined as the ” I am. ” Leo would represent the adolescent, and his expression would be ” I do, “while Sagittarius would be governed more by knowledge, and its motto would be ” I see. ”

The Earth corresponds to the golds. The signs of the zodiac, whose element is this, are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Gold, like swords, has two faces. On the one hand, it symbolizes wealth, material goods, economic power, and, on the other, spirituality, divine protection, faith. Earth signs are realistic, materialistic, calm, introverted, tolerant, persevering, and patient.

It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are. The exciting thing is to see how one, two, or all the elements of Nature accompany us at all times: when you are in love, for example, Water can rule you; when you have a lot of money in your hands; the Earth, as you very well in your job, or share your sexuality with a lot of passion, Fire, or when you are very creative or very talkative, the Air.

which element of Nature do you identify yourself today?


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