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10 Great Truths to Reach High Consciousness

Your self-esteem and you are at different points. The main purpose of your life is not limited to eating and sleeping. In higher places, you have existed in this world for a different purpose. If you look at the detailed all the equations you have come together. Here are 10 Great Truths that will enable you to reach your high consciousness and bring you to your true goal.

What is High Consciousness?

High consciousness or self is basically you. But you left before this level of consciousness. This level of consciousness was replaced by normal consciousness at the moment you were born. And did it leave you totally? Answer is no and you can reach high consciousness level and raise your life.

10 Things That Will Help You Reach High Consciousness

1- Understanding the ego: The mind is creating a reflection right now. We call it ego. You’re not the sound and thought that lives in your real mind. You’re at a much higher level of perception. Find your ego.

2- Reach the subconscious: The subconscious is not so deep and often goes to the surface. Grab ideas that come to mind; They all come from the subconscious to your fears. Don’t think of him as a separate section …

3- Dream it: The key to the subconscious is through dreams. Make your dreams come true to reach higher consciousness …

4- Free from Negative Feelings: High Self asks you to clean your feelings. Because there is no room for negative emotions in higher consciousness. All you have to do is turn on your chakras and clear your emotions.

5 – Meditate: Cleanse your mind With a 10-minute sedative meditation, you can take a step closer to higher consciousness.

6- Shape your life with awareness. None of us are at now. Even as we read this article, we are thinking about our thoughts. If you focus on now, you take a step to higher consciousness.

7 – Detach from the worldly desires: The higher self is a different kind of energy and if you cannot fight with your soul, that door will never open to you.

8- Turn Towards to Love Energy: The biggest and strongest emotion in life is love. Wherever hatred breaks, love reappears. For her, you feel the energy of love in your heart.

9- Be Free: Be free in thoughts and ideas and approach new ideas with prejudice. Free your mind

10- See the Truth: Realize the most important truth in life. You must see that you are a spiritual being. You’re not just a biological being. You’re energy. When you realize this, your path to higher consciousness will be enlightened.

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