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Change Your Energy with Walking Meditation.

Walking Meditation

Meditation is the technique of releasing the mind and freeing it from thoughts. By sitting in a place with breath monitoring techniques in the mind is free from the intensity of thought. Can we do this while walking? In fact, walking is a great exercise in the mind as well as for the body.
Walking helps the mind relax and cleanse thoughts. While we are walking, we are meditative without being aware of.

5 Steps to Perform Walking Meditation

1- Determine how far you will walk.
Start with a half-hour walk. Get rid of intense thoughts during the day and adapt your mind to the walk.

2- Relax your body
Prepare your body by performing simple relaxation movements before walking.

3- Choose Places to Not Force Your Mind
That’s why nature walks are great. On nature walk, you fill your mind with beauties. Of course the fresh air also turns to you as a bonus.

4- Give your mind only for walking and nature.
Many of us think about daily problems and problems while walking. But the main purpose of the meditation march is to empty and purify the mind.

5- Do not force.
You can’t succeed if you force your mind to something. Try to extend the time instead. Every day when you take these walks you will easily become a meditative.
According to research, it is a great benefit to walk with people suffering from psychological problems. Walking may trigger secretion of the hormone of happiness.

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