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How to Remove Blockages? Clear Blockages

What we do most in life is putting a block on ourselves. Many of us think that these blockades are made by others. In real life, we put blockages to ourselves. In this article, we will explain how to remove the blockages we put into our lives and energy.

We have felt that we have been blocked many times in our lives. Our body experiences a great flow of energy. Our energy is usually blocked because it is affected by main events such as depression or anxiety. Most people are victims of energy blockage. They feel happy and negative. They don’t want to do anything, and they don’t like anything.

You start not paying attention to yourself. That’s where your energy is blocked. The main reason for this is that your feelings are not directed correctly. We’ve discovered what you need to do to unblock.

“A person is what he expects all day, that is. Emerson”

7 Things to Do to Clear Blockages

1- Defeat Negative Thoughts.

This is not as easy as it is said. But the first thing you need to do is to check your thoughts. When you start to be aware of them, they will start to rule you. Take a notebook and put a (+) in every negative thought. You’ll be amazed at how much thought was first thought. But when you do it for a week, you will see that it will begin to decrease. This thought will increase your awareness.

2- Thoughts create emotions.

When you have control of your thoughts, you will notice something. It will be a reduction of your feelings but feeling emotion here is very important. If you are aware of your emotions, you will remove the energy blockages. Emotions cannot manage you while you are aware.

3- Real Fatigue, blockage fatigue is not the same thing.

Feeling tired is natural. But if you feel tired even after resting and you feel tired all the time, you are experiencing this blockade. A negative event that you’re experiencing (or continued to live) may be putting you through this. You need to reprogram your subconscious and regulate your energy. You may not remember or care about this event. But in real, it may be the main event that causes you to block energy.

4- Focus on energy and clean your connections.

A meditation of 10 min every day will provide you peace of mind. You can even think of it as a simple breathing exercise. Imagine your energy is rising. And deeply feel the clearance of the blockages.

5- The Power of Affirmation.

Use positive phrases every day.
“My energy is rising, and I am peaceful”
“My energy links are opening up and flourishing”
“I feel great”
“I’m a happy and peaceful person”

And use the 100 affirmation clauses.

6- Learn to Release.

One reason why your thoughts are so exhausted is that you keep your energy. Learn to release. Do not drown in your thoughts and energy. Take a nice walk and read the book. Discover activities that will drain your mind. Get hobbies like drawing or listening to music. Discover things that will be active in your life and guide your mind elsewhere.

7- Forgive the past. Leave Your Future Concerns.

Yes, it can be hard to forgive the events; Especially if you’re right. But this is a forgiveness for you. If you manage to forgive the past, your life will change completely. Hope for the future in the same way. Beautiful thoughts bring nice things.

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