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100 Strong Affirmations

Affirmation is a way of thinking that is becoming popular every day. With affirmations you can change your life and solve the negative situations you want to destroy. Using affirmation phrases, you can change things that are negative and bad in your life.

100 Strong Affirmation Sentences


Affirmative Sentences for Job

These affirmations are the sentences that will help you with your career goals.

• I take my career further with every decision I make.
• I work at my dream job.
• I love every day I work.
• My career brings me closer to my family.
• My job brings me financial abundance.
• My colleagues like to be around me.
• My boss cares what I do.
• I’m a worthy employee.
• My clients appreciate my working and give value to me.
• I’m attracting new customers every day.
• My positive attitude, self-confidence and work open the door to new opportunities.
• I’m enthusiastic and excited while working.
• My enthusiasm about my job is spreading around me.
• My workplace is full of peace and love.
• I can make decisions easily.
• I speak positively about my colleagues and they respond by speaking positively about me.
• I’m doing my best.
• I’m eating healthy meals during my breaks.
• During my lunch, I eat healthy, nutritious foods and my body is grateful to me, I am providing energy and health.
• I radiate success to the environment.

20 Affirmation Sentences for Love

If you are looking for your soulmate and want to experience a romantic relationship, you should apply these affirmation sentences.

• I spread love and others reflect the love for me.
• I am lovely and beautiful.
• I’m attractive.
• My romantic relationship is healthy, long-lasting and loving.
• My wife/husband is kind, compassionate and insightful.
• My wife/husband is attracting me physically and spiritually.
• I am with my soul and share a lovely life.
• I love life and I find love everywhere I go.
• Our relationship is divine and I was perfectly matched with my partner.
• I have a deep understanding between my wife and me.
• Forgiveness and mercy are the basis of my romantic relationship.
• Looking to the mirror and saying “I love you” is easy for me.
• My words are always gentle and caring, and I see courtesy and love from people.
• Every day of my life is full of love.
• All communication between my wife/husband and I was caring and polite.
• Everything about me is very nice and beautiful.
• I’m with my soul mate. Because I am a lovely, kind person who deserves true love.
• Every morning I wake up with joy.
• My wife/husband thinks I’m sexy because she’s/he’s affected by every part of me.
• All my relationships are healthy because they are based on love and compassion.

Affirmation Sentences for Being Slim

If you are eating unhealthily and complaining about your weight, you should apply these affirmation sentences.

• I love everything about my body.
• I’m grateful that my body is working efficiently.
• I accept the shape of my body and I find it beautiful and attractive.
• I’m just choosing healthy and nutritious diet.
• I’ll take care of my body and exercise every day.
• My body is healthy and full of energy.
• Every time I breathe, my body is full of healing energy.
• I am very happy to be in the “…” weight (fill according to the desired weight).
• I like eating healthy and nutritious foods.
• I like the taste of fruit and vegetables.
• I love every cell in my body.
• I am confident and others respect me.
• Others find me sexy and attractive.
• When I look in the mirror, I’m full of excitement.
• I’m full of love, hope and confidence.
• I greet every moment of life with enthusiasm and hope.
• I am grateful for the life force and energy passing through my body.
• Every action I take is increasing my confidence.
• Everything I think and say is made me healthier.
• I feel safe in my body.

Affirmative Sentences for Day Life

If you want change and peace in your life, apply these affirmation sentences.

• Every day I wake up happy and excited.
• Every day of my life is full of happiness and love.
• I’m enthusiastic in every second of my life.
• Everything I do is funny, healthy and excited.
• I am a sign of love and mercy.
• Everyone sees how much joy and love I have for life.
• I am experiencing new, healthy experiences.
• All my relationships are positive and full of love and compassion.
• I see others as good people trying to do their best.
• I find opportunities to be polite and hopeful wherever I look.
• I can do all my goals with ease.
• I just want what’s healthy for me.
• I make my dreams come true.
• My life is full of magic and energy.
• My thoughts and feelings are nourishing.
• I’m ready for every moment.
• I see beauty in everything.
• People treat me with kindness and respect.
• I’m surrounded by peaceful people.
• My environment is calm and supportive.

Affirmation Sentences for Money and Wealth

• I have more money than I need
• I’m attracting myself to profitable and beneficial situations
• I’m a magnet of money
• I accept money energy
• I love being rich
• My bank account is constantly increasing
• Money flows into my life
• I make money easily
• I’m rich
• Think positive about money and wealth
• My life is full of abundance
• I am a fertile person
• I deserve abundance and prosperity.
• I’m a very wealthy person.
• My income is far above my expenses
• It’s natural for the money to come to me.
• I’m successful and rich.
• I choose to focus on abundance, no matter what.
• I earn money easily.
• My money is increasing as if a magic wand is touched.

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