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First you have to respect yourself! What is self-esteem?

What is self-esteem?

You’ve been dealing with thousands of problems in the inner world throughout your life. These problems sometimes had some reasons. Sometimes the reason was realised in too deep. But these sentiments took away something from their lives.

What is self-esteem?

In fact, we can say that you are happy with yourself. For example, if you are successful in business life and receive positive reviews. Your self-esteem is high for your business life. If you are satisfied with their physical characteristics, your physical self-esteem is high. The important thing is to raise your self-esteem. High self-esteem affects your life positively and physically.

5 Ways to Increase Self-Esteem

1- Be proud of yourself. Return to the positive things you do. Focus on positive things and realize how difficult these are actually achieved in these difficult living conditions.

2- Evaluate the negative critics in a constructive way. Nobody likes negative criticism and it usually lowers our self-esteem. So look at the negative criticism in a different direction and think of it as an energy object. Edisona’s assistant said that we tried making bulbs 2000 times, but failed. this is a devastating criticism. Edison, on the other hand, looked at the event differently and said that “we had found how to not make the bulb 2000 times.”

3- Satisfaction. First, incorporate the positive aspects of yourself into your life. Chat with people about these positive aspects. Get positive words from them.

4- Get people who value you around you. This is very important perhaps the most important. People who are good to you and appreciate you raise your self-esteem.

5- Trust.
It determines the situation that you have not given up not how many times you failed. Trust yourself. Remember, there’s no one other same with you..

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