How To Do Affirmations

How to Create Positive Affirmations

The affirmation is powerful enough to help many things in our lives. How is affirmation done? First, we need to fully understand what the affirmation is. What is affirmation and what is not? You will find the answers these questions in our article.

How Affirmation Done?

1-Afiirmation sentences always used with present continuous.

The correct sentences are not should be “I will do or I did”, “I’m doing” is the correct one. For example, I am doing everything nice”

2- It should contain affirmative words and affirmative meanings. (Should be positive)

Correct sentence is not should be “I don’t smoke”, correct one should be “I quit smoking for my health” or the better one you can say yourself “I feel health and serenity in my lungs “; If your sentence does not exceed the word even smoking, a more positive meaning occurs.

3- Should have continuity.

It’s not something that you say once and expect it to work. You have to give the time to change the subconscious.

4- Making sentences as it has been realized

Correct sentence should not be “I can change my life “; the correct and better one is “I am changing my life and I find this power in myself”. It is useful to think and fictionalize your sentences.

The rules of affirmation are really simple. You do not need an expert help and you can write your own sentences. It can be useful to repeat at least 21 days. In short, you should include affirmation to your life and never give up using it.

What is Affirmation?

Affirmation is to repeat one or more sentences. It is a simple and beautiful method that makes it possible to enter records into our subconscious using positive sentences. We can say that we are not active with unconscious or unconscious consciousness.

Circumstances such as the work of organs are in the activity of the unconscious. Our subconscious saves everything around us. These records are stored in our brains whether we are aware or not. With positive phrases, we enter positive and accurate records into our subconscious.

It takes some time for the brain to react. This period is 21 days. In short, we need this time for affirmation to be included in our lives.

Our subconscious plays a major role in our decision-making and in our lives. There is even a situation we call subliminal advertising. This is the techniques that affect the subconscious by adding objects and sounds that consciousness cannot perceive.

There are affirmations at the beginning of the paths to be used to program the subconscious.

What is Affirmation Not?

Affirmation is not fake science. Affirmation sentences have been subject to many scientific phenomena. It is a scientifically acceptable technique. Affirmation phrases are not magic. We should not wait miracles.

So if we use the affirmation sentence to quit smoking and then we smoke we can’t see any benefit. You do not need help from someone for affirmation phrases. Once you understand the logic, you can write your sentences.

Some Examples

• I take my career further with every decision I make.
• I work at my dream job.
• I love every day I work.
• My career brings me closer to my family.
• My job brings me financial abundance.
• My colleagues like to be around me.
• My boss cares what I do in my job.
• I’m a worthy employee.
• My clients appreciate my work and care for me.
• I gain new customers every day

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