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Short Notes for Life

We keep short and concise notes about life. If you want to make life simple. You should think simple. You must live simple. You must build a simple world. Little things or fewer people… Remember that after years everything will come to you as funny and simple … Hug your loved ones fully. You may lose them in the years.

Never be hasty: this is one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made. In the event of an event, we arrive at the verdict very quickly and we act. Then we see that it’s not like that at all? We shouldn’t be hasty.
Think twice without saying: Sometimes we hurt the other person with our words. Think before you talk … Not think after you talk …

Everything has time: Life is a maturation process and is constantly changing. Everything gets better and better when the time comes. It is very important for us to be patient …

Control Your Anger: Don’t talk when you’re angry … This is very important. A man says a lot of things he doesn’t want when he’s angry.

Everything passes: the most real rule of life. Each difficulty passes and only traces remain …

Prejudice: Put aside prejudices about people. Because life always surprises us. Erase your prejudices and treat people transparently.

Don’t Share Your Goals: Don’t tell people around until your goals are mature. This will lower your energy.

Love yourself the most: It is definitely not selfishness … If a person does not love himself, he cannot love others. He can’t help others if he’s not interested in himself/herself…

The things you experience remain with you for the rest of your life: You can learn by reading. But by experiencing you can get it into your life so don’t be afraid to try and experience …

Major Achievements; Not with big money, but with faith: If you believe that you will succeed, even if the whole world says otherwise, you will. Success; it is directly proportional to the belief to you will do it.

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