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10 Suggestions for Good Mental and Physical Diseases

We’re energy. We are passengers traveling on the life exam. There are things we need to live and learn. But most importantly, we are spiritual beings. The events we have experienced throughout our lives can cause mental and physical discomfort. Remember, we’re completely composed of cells. Our smallest building blocks are atoms. Atoms are energy. In short, if we balance our energy, we balance our entire body. This affects to our health positively.

10 suggestions that will save you from going to the doctor 🙂

1- We must get rid of anxiety and intense thinking. This is the biggest disease of many of us. Intense thinking and that hurts us. The easiest way to get rid of it is to silence, meditate.

2- Worrying about things you can’t control. If an event is out of your control, the best thing you can do to let everything flow and watch and send positive energy. Remember that positive energy creates miracles.

3- Feeding your spiritual energy. Praying or affirming raises your spiritual side. It also makes you very comfortable.

4- Stay away from dark and bad thoughts. Many people down the body shield because of negative thinking. This increases the mental and physical disorders.

5- Take a walk every day.

6- Listen and sing songs every day. Choose energetic songs that will help your soul and body. Include Meditation and Relaxation music in your life.

7- Smile. Negative is the enemy of the state of emotion. Many studies have said that smile is very good for health.

8- Pay attention to what you eat. Try to stay away from ready foods. Eat healthy and nice food.

9- Take care of your cleaning. Washing hands clean the body cleaning your soul as well as your body

10- By studying herbal teas and other healthy plants, you can include them in your life. Remember, in consultation with your doctor..

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