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5 Miraculous Steps for Spiritual and Physical Purification

You are an aura and spiritual energy. Your Aura surrounds you and protects your energy. Energy points also control your life force and emotions.

We all live with negative energies. We have a tense and negative thinking. To overcome this, we recommend that you do what we recommend in 5 steps.

Physical and Physical Purification in 5 Steps

We are writing the most important 5 steps you need to do for your spiritual and physical purification.

1- Fear is the biggest binding factor. It plays an active role in all your chakras and your spiritual energy. It’s hard to beat your sense of fear. That’s why you must first learn to ignore it. It is the reflection of your subconscious and your ego. Your subconscious mind sometimes creates an unnecessary sense of fear to protect you. The second step is to think of the positive situation when you experience a sense of fear. Because fear shows you negative things.

2 – Negative Thinking locks us. Sometimes it gets so intense that we can’t think of anything positive. It’s hard to get out of this situation. But you should notice. You must have control. You should focus on your feelings and thoughts and make awareness

3 – Salt to the feet
All energy is collected in our feet and distributed to the body. In short, we must take care of our feet. We need to massage them. But most importantly is to ground the feet. Salt water is important for grounding and purification. Put a glass of warm water and a pinch of salt and leave for a short time. You will see that your energy turns positive. In addition, in the park and in such places to put your feet in the ground for a while will regulate your energy.

4- Prayer is the most important purification method. It can remove us from psychological and negative emotions. You can also try alternatives such as affirmation and yoga. Meditation is a step that relaxes the mind.

5- Light is a powerful purification and energy supplement in the early hours of the morning. Go across to sun before sunrise and close your eyes. Take meditation by taking deep breaths.

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