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Focus on the Energy of the Universe! Change your life.

Energy of the Universe


The universe is a system that exists with great laws. It’s the biggest frontier we know. The science accepts the universe as an infinite and constantly expanding system. The universe contains as much energy as eternity

5 Big Steps to Focus on the Energy of the Universe.

1- We should understand that the Universe has a system.
We are bound by certain physical rules in the world. Like gravity. But the universe is bound to quantum physics and the word impossible loses its meaning. Once you understand the energy of the universe, you will find the power that will change your life.

2- Everything is energy. Univers is as well.
You, me, and this phone or the bed you sleep in are all energy and atoms. We can only see a matter. But other than that, there is a lot of energy and existence. It’s really hard for us to understand that we’re energy.
Because we live in a material world with material facts. We are surrounded by physical rules and humanitarian laws. But remember, no matter how concrete the thought seems, it is the abstract and most powerful energy. If you focus on your energy, you can reach the key that will change your life.

3- Everything actually happens in the present.
Right now, the moment you read this or the moment you eat, they all exist in one moment. Time seems to flow to us. But in fact, everything happens in a single moment. We just don’t realize it. It feels like time is ticking.

In addition, all the alternative events that may occur at that moment is happening. All parallel universes are happening in a single moment.

4- There are two energies in the Universe. Positive and Negative.

It’s like having two poles, and everything comes together in two poles. Protons and electrons, like + and -, and like all other contrasts, are an excellent idea of the flow of yin and yang life.
You are fed on one of two energies. It is totally your choice of positive or negative energy …

5- High Consciousness Available in the Energy of the Universe

If we are only in one moment, then do we have a high consciousness of governing it? Yes, there is a high consciousness that shapes our energy and our lives.

It is a force that drives us and our destiny. When we get to it, our problems will be like baby toys. It will be much easier to manage our lives and the energy of love will embrace our entire body.

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