Spiritual Energy

7 Spiritual Laws of Energy

Like the law of gravity, there are spiritual laws around us that we cannot see. These have positive and negative effects on us at every moment of our lives. Laws continue to work whether we know or not. In our lives; if we understand and apply these laws correctly, success and happiness come.

1- Pure Potential Law
We live with pure consciousness. All life is going in endless possibilities while. Pure potential comes from understanding the infinite possibility. If you’re doing something like that, they begin to find you in endless possibilities.
If you think a number brings you luck, you will see it everywhere. The pure potential is about pure energy found in our inner world. When you free your mind, you reach your potential.

2- Law of Impact and Response (Karma)
Life is a cycle. It is a repeated and continuous cycle. When you intentionally harm someone, this has the effect. The result ends with a similar response. Good and beautiful effects will give you positive results.

3- Least Effort Law
We live by struggle. But this spiritual law says that if we act with love and energy, we will achieve the results we want with very little effort.

4- Giving and Receiving Law
Whatever energy you give to life, you get it back. Successful people continue their lives with strong energy. We say he’s got starlight. This is an energy that is evident from our aura and our entire body. The more energy you give life, the more you get it back…

5- Law of Intent and Desire
If we do not intend to do something and do not want to get it will be difficult for us, you need to intend before starting a job. Those who start with a high desire are successful and happy…

6- Separation Law
If you live very attached to something, you will have to walk through those boundaries. All you have to do is liberate yourself and being free by avoiding the pressure of your ego.

7- Self-Purpose Law
We have a final goal, maybe we are aware of it and maybe we are not. But for us, it is our main goal to discover the true goal and to move forward with courage…

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