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Most Important Things to Learn About Affirmations

With this article, you will understand exactly how the affirmations work. Affirmation is basically a technique for changing subconscious patterns. It allows you to break down the molds formed in your subconscious and create positive molds for them.

So what is this most important information? 

Don’t think of a pink elephant.

Yes, most of us think of a pink elephant. Well, we said don’t think.

Did the brain accept it? No, the negative patterns for the subconscious don’t seem to matter.

When you say “I do not want to fail”, you have subconsciously installed the pattern I am unsuccessful.

So what do we have to say?

“I am successful”.

The subconscious will take this pattern with the image of success and place it.

It’s like saying don’t press this button. You want to push a big motive within you, and many of us are defeated by our motives. So focus the mind on what you need to focus on.

To summarize, if you want to be successful. You must put out the failure from your mind. You need to focus your mind on success. The only way to do this is through positive thinking.

If we plant what we plant in our subconscious mind, and feed it with emotion, one day it becomes real.” Earl Nightingale

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