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Why Is Being Prejudiced Human Bad?


“It’s hard to break down prejudice in humans than breaking down an atom,” says Einstein. Why is being prejudiced or judgemental bad? In every aspect of life, we confront some things.  They are the things we need to think and experience. In every event, our prejudices behave faster and make decisions.

This is one of the worst aspects of our prejudice. But it creates many more negative situations.


The Disadvantages of Being Prejudices

1- You cannot see people as they are.

Many of us divide people into certain categories and evaluate them as such. We have judgments from our family. If a person is not well dressed, for example, we can think of it as negative. Or we can call them Eastern. They allow us to make judgments about that person without recognizing us. But this is very wrong. We’ll never know inside of the book by looking at the cover of it.

2- You cannot approach events objectively.

Another mistake made by prejudiced people happens when evaluating events. It is one of the biggest mistakes to see a previous event the same as the current one. When we look at events objectively, we apply correct diagnoses and interventions.

3-We generalize and we put everyone in the same pot.

The biggest mistake in the world is to make generalizations. For example, Muslims do not make terrorist attacks. The terrorists attacked the religions of Muslims. In short, Muslims are not terrorists, but terrorists are Muslims. Terrorists can also be Christians or Jews, which makes everyone who belongs to that religion guilty. That doesn’t make all Muslims terrorists. This is a generalization and a big mistake. The same applies to all Jews and Christians. Do not generalize by looking at people’s color or religion. Look at their humanity. Look at the inner beauty. Don’t discriminate them.

4- Prejudice is an illusion of the unconscious.

The subconscious person combines his personality with the features he sees. He then tells everyone who looks like him that he has the same personality. This is not true. The idea that similar people have similar personalities is completely wrong. You ask why? Because they look at identical twins, they are exact copies, but their personalities can be very different.

5- Prejudice is not only personal but also it is social.

People around us may be prejudiced in our family. This naturally affects us, too. People may like to classify. They may put women in a class. They may put blonde women in a class. After all, these are so bad and wrong things that people still think it’s right. Remember that one must first change himself. It will change in society when you change.

What can be done to reduce prejudice?


1- Exclude classifications and generalizations. Learn to look positive


2- Step from social thought to individual thought. If society has false values, you can only change it if you change yourself.


3- Every living thing deserves respect and love. When you approach the other person without prejudice, that person will approach you without prejudice as well.


4- Meet people of different views. Not everyone has to think like you, but moreover, differences from one of the only foundations that will empower a society. What he says Aşık Veysel; if the ideas are not different from each other, the sheep would walk with the wolf.

5- Allow yourself to think and analyze before you approach with prejudice.

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