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What is a Philosophy of Matrix? | Beat Matrix

Realistic; What is the philosophy of Matrix? The Matrix film contains many basic philosophies. But what is the matrix beyond the film? Here is the matrix that we think we live exactly. This philosophy has been manipulating the human brain for a long time. What is this matrix philosophy? To detect the truth. What is the truth? When we are asked, the world we live in is coming to our minds. Is there any chance we can prove this?

“How would you describe the in truth “? If you’re talking about the things you can smell, taste and see, real is the interpretation of electrical signals transmitted to the brain.” Matrix Movie

Unfortunately, no … Yes, when I ask you to prove the truth, you will hear the messages you receive with 5 senses. But these messages are just images that are generated by the firing of your brain’s neurons. So, they’re not real. A reflection of the truth. Then we can’t know the truth 100%. So, there is nothing in this world that we can prove to its reality outside ourselves. For him, “I think so I’m there,” we reach the conclusion of Descartes.

If the whole world is virtual, it’s almost impossible to prove it. Because everything will be real. So, what lies in the depths of the Matrix. When Neo surpasses the impenetrable, he begins to see things as numbers and programs. He says that everything is made of energy. It tells you that all things have a space, and that you’ve had that energy when you’re involved.

When you enter a historical place, you feel a lot different. This is related to the energy of that area. From the moment a baby first comes to its mother, it knows and feels the energy of his mother. Energy is the reality of life. Energy is the reality of all mankind and other living inanimate matter.

You live in the Matrix world. Everything has energy. The whole world can change your perception. This is the power of the observer, quantum. When observed and moving differently before being observed atoms.

In your thoughts, the matrix is a science fiction or philosophy. But it’s your truth. Think of it as if this article is now outside or in your brain. If you said outside you are right in one way, but in real this article is now fully formed in your brain. It’s a font that you’ve got in your matrix.

It’s the phone you’re holding, and it’s on the sofa. They only detect the inside of your brain. That doesn’t mean you’re not alive. So, there’s a phone out there and you’re really sitting outside. But what you perceive is what your brain tells you …

In short, the matrix is everywhere with you both inside and outside … The philosophy of Matrix is basically this …

It’s time-consuming to understand or understand the Matrix. Quantum physics is a very deep subject, and here’s the most important thing that requires us to understand it. The fact that our building blocks are composed of energy. In short, we perceive a whole world of material. But there is a big energy world that is constantly flowing.

Beat the Matrix

When you understand your Matrix, you can remove its barriers. Well, how do we do that?

1- Our world is an energy world.
The whole universe and everything work with quantum mechanics. We can’t detect this. What we need to do is feel it and live this energy.

2- Realize that you are an observer and can manage perception.
You’re in an energy that changes the world and everything else, you just don’t realize that. When you focus on energy, you can beat the matrix.

3- All humanity relates to each other.
What we call collective unconscious is the theory that all people’s subconscious minds are a whole. This shows that all humanity has crossed together when it is time to overcome something. Interestingly, the inventors have also made discoveries. The phone was also invented by three different people. But we only know Graham Bell …

4- All things connected with energy.
The building block of the entire universe is atoms. They are connected to each other. If you want to beat the Matrix, you must understand that everything is energy.

5- Everything starts in thought.
The greatest power is thought. It is this idea that the brain produces enormous power. You must manage your thoughts first. When you direct your thoughts, you will defeat the matrix.

The philosophy of Matrix is the moment we live. There are times when all possibilities exist. In a simple way, for example, this article you read and don’t read this article is not written at all as there are many possibilities of the moments of our lives.

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