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5 Great Teachings for Enlightenment

The enlightened person reaches the essence of the matter. He/She knows the true meaning of what he/she sees. Comprehend the real purpose of life and feel it in your heart. For the enlightened man, the darkness is gone.

Either open your heart, or do not attemp! There is no more than gray, or black, or will you choose white. Shams-i Tabrizi

1- What you see as real is only an illusion.

We’re all looking for the truth, but what we’re really looking for is our own self. Yes, people actually look for themselves in every question. The reality we perceive with our senses is only the illusion of the brain. So what’s the truth? This reality can only be “yourself” …

2- All distinctions are only an illusion.

We’re part of a whole. The universe is separated from a whole. We’re all connected by atoms. The logic of enlightenment is to understand integrity. We’re all going back to the source.

3- Everything is actually loved.

Hate is a concept of our ego. Love is real energy. In short, love is the cure for everything.

4- Enlightenment will find you at the right moment.

Enlightenment is not about effort. It’s insight. To understand life and beyond. What you’re going through for this is your guide. You can’t enlighten yourself by forcing yourself.

5- You are the greatest teacher.

You’re the greatest teacher you can find. Enlightenment begins inside and moreover enlightenment begins with you. When you discover your inner world, your cognition begins to increase.

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