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What is Astral Travel? How To?

What is Astral Travel Basically? We can define it as leaving the physical body and switching to the astral dimension. In short, we can say that the soul leaves the body and travels astrally. We can observe the environment in the astral journey and even reach other dimensions in time. To understand the astral journey basically, you need to understand the relationship between soul and body.

 You’re a great bird in the body egg – you can’t fly as long as you stay in the egg. If you break the body shell, you will flap your wings and win the soul – Rumi.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous? How does a soul going out of the body return to the body? Basically, such a question arises in man. But in fact, this question is misleading. Because the ritual of separation from the body does not break the bond of the soul from that body. The soul is still tied with a connection called a silver cord. The return to the body occurs in the smallest concern. In short, the soul makes an astral journey with a part attached to the body.

How is Astral Travel? You can make astral travel in 3 steps. However, if you are worried or worried, astral travel cannot take place.

What are Astral Travel Methods?


Astral travel requires deep relaxation. Sleep and dream is already an astral journey. For deep relaxation, you can choose your bed hours. When you reach the alpha wave, you will experience deep relaxation. For this, you should meditate and practice a lot. Read our article to understand the frequencies >>> Shortcut frequencies to the subconscious


After the body relaxes in 2 stages is to provide the movement of the soul by giving him suggestions. The soul will leave the body in this moment of great relaxation and begin to wander. So focus on your soul and let it move.


The soul will rise from the body. Then look at your body and see that you’re leaving. Remember that the moment you worry, the soul will return to the body. Your first experience can often lead to a very quick turnaround. Because you may be afraid and worried. You will be more effective in later experiences. You will make spiritual journeys. You will be able to go and visit the places you want.

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