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We Misunderstood Life. 10 Reasons

Most of us have misunderstood this life, and unfortunately we continue to accept we understand it as true. Our family and environment formed our expectations from life. They gave us their own dreams and desires. We set our expectations accordingly and proceeded in that direction. But life wasn’t like that.

This is the world! What we valued. But it was a field; we would leave. Cahit Zarifoğlu

Understanding Life

1- Focus on what is given to you, not what you cannot.
We were imposed a constant request. Yeah, we’re human, and we want our most natural right. But when we become obsessed with wanting, our unhappiness is enough to destroy us. They didn’t teach the difference between wanting and setting goals. People who want to do nothing usually do, but people who set goals do their best for their goals.

2- We mix the success with ambition.
Most of us cannot reach the balance between these two. Ambition can be a driving force. But generally this driving force causes destruction. Causes anger and restlessness. Instead it is more accurate to focus on work and patience.

3- We looked at the labels, not the values.
The value of something is not the brand that shows its quality. This applies to everything. The position and authority are temporary. In the end everyone is equalized in the tomb. Its label does not show the value of something. The inner world is especially valuable. We are valuable with our thoughts and judgments. Not with our position and office. Think about it tomorrow, this position and the authorities will go only you will stay. You will see whether your office is valued or not.

4- The perception of it does not happen to me.
We have learned to not judge anyone in a long way .When you judge a person, you open a door that is the balance of life. You open this door and you go through the same thing. Whether it’s a test or a fate or karma. But life is a balance. We shouldn’t judge anyone. Because no human being was born under equal conditions and equal opportunities were not given.

5- Give importance to good behavior, not good words.
Some people speak well and hide their bad behavior behind it. This is why you experience bad behavior. Let’s look at their behavior and actions while judging the people around us. Not your fancy words.

6- Not to be perfect; Focus on being peaceful.
The perception of perfection is such a distressing perception that it may eventually disturb us psychologically. In this case, we may need psychiatric help. This obsession affects not only you, but also your environment.

7- Happiness and money are not part of the same equation.
We’ll be very happy when we have a lot of money. This is a big misunderstanding. Too much money means too much responsibility. The lack of money in our lives forces us and can make us unhappy. But money alone is not something that gives happiness. For him, happiness has nothing to do with money.

8- Learn to update your thoughts.
What’s right today can change tomorrow. The most intelligent people are those who can change their minds and update their thoughts. This is an important fact in a constantly changing world.

9- There are many solutions to a problem.
Although all roads seem to be closed, there is always a solution. There is only one solution to a problem. There are multiple solutions. When you think you’ve tried all the roads, remember that there are actually other ways out of your point of view.

10- You are the one who thinks most about you.
Everybody tells you that they care about you, but in reality the person that cares you is yourself. Remember this and always write yourself at the top of the list. There is a fine line between modesty and stupidity.

Understanding and making sense of life is very important. Everything we do in this life affects us. It affects us as much as the things we do and the things we don’t do. Read this article >>>Achieving Great Transformations with Small Changes

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