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7 Ways to Make Friends and Influence People

We all want to win good friends and impress people around us. This is a situation we have often failed. We can’t make it. Because most of the time our ego prevents us. Let’s take a look at the art of winning and influencing people.

Friend is a gift you give yourself. Robert Louis Stevenson

1-Make people feel good.
Let us go out of your way. You want to spend time with people who make you happy. Well, how do you make people feel better? Of course, giving them the opportunity to talk about their favorite subjects. People love to talk about their favorite things and their own success. The most important thing you have to do for him is to be a good and passionate listener.

2- Make positive contributions to people.
You can help people with little touches in their lives. Bringing coffee to a tired friend will even impress her. You can earn small help with what people need.

3. Present what people are interested in.
The things you love are important, but the most important rule of making friends is to address their interests. For instance, if you like science fiction films and the person you invite does not like, it is better to take it to your area of interest.

4- Motivate people.
The most important thing we all need is motivation. Briefly it will impress him to tell his successful aspect to someone you met. You can praise them and motivate them to be influenced by you.

5- Do not criticize people.
Do not put people in the right or wrong polemics. People do not like to be criticized and hear their mistakes. If you want to tell them their mistakes anyway. just help them to find themselves… Tell about your own mistakes and show the situation.

6- Build empathy.
It is a big step to understand the person and to feel her feelings and how you feel. When you do so, you will fully understand and deal with the person in front of you. People are affected by such people. To give a very simple example, if the person is upset about him instead of saying “let’s stop cry and fight” experience what you feel. “I know you’re in trouble, I’m gonna help you to the end.”

7- Mirroring technique.
Imitating the actions and behaviors of a person is a great match. Professional speakers do this very well. Your psychology is sympathetic and influenced by the person in front of you. Especially if you use the example of the person you use in your sentence, you will achieve a great success.

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