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Open Your Spiritual Energy Channels in 5 Steps.

We are energy. We are spiritual creatures. The entire universe exists with energy channels. There are channels in our bodies that affect our spiritual energy. Even if we are not aware of these energy channels, our body is constantly receiving and giving energy. Our brain works with electricity. We have a body that produces energy and canalize it.

What happens if we open our energy channels?

It’s not just chakras. Apart from 7 channels in our body, there are close to one thousand channels. When these channels are opened, our body becomes so strong and good that we feel …

#1- Our concerns are reduced. The correct flow of our energy allows positive energy to enter our bodies.

#2- Our inattentiveness decreases. When the energy channels are not fully open, we are being a constantly inattentive and less focused person.

#3- Emotional intensity decreases. Our negative emotions are so intense that sometimes it doesn’t move us. We can positively regulate our energy and emotions with these steps.

#4- We can solve our problems faster and focus better.

½5- Our chances and positive energy will increase more

5 Steps to Open Energy Channels

Step 1

You need to focus on your energy. For this, it is important to meditate in a quiet place. You should be alone and focus on your breath. In doing so, focus on the positive energy in your body.

Step 2

You should do image manipulation. Feel all the energy points in your body opening and visualize it. For this purpose, you will be able to do imagination work before.

Step 3

Be aware of the moment. You can open your energy channels by doing awareness studies. This is about how energy is trapped in your body and soul. When you notice the flow, your energy will flow as a dam cover is opened.

 Step 4

Focus on positive energy and positive sentences. Make affirmation. Say affirmation sentences about energy. Remember, anything that is negative turns your energy off.

<<< 500 Affirmation Sentences

Step 5

Focus on activities that will increase your spiritual energy.

Remember this is a spiritual journey. When you increase your spiritual energy, your energy channels will open. This should not be considered just a method. Because there are many right ways to get to the source.

>>> spiritual call

When you open the energy channels, your body and soul will find peace. You will feel healthy and well. Beyond feeling happy and peaceful, there will be very positive returns in your business and family life.

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